Imogen Townley reflects on transformation: "This is the happiest I've EVER been"

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Ibiza Weekender star Imogen Townley has reflected on her incredible transformation, after watching herself on old series of the show.

Imogen, who shot to fame as a holiday rep on the ITV2 reality show three years ago, has undergone a huge image overhaul and is now totally unrecognisable.

Proving just how much she has changed over the five series, Imogen took to Instagram with new before and after photos and we're seriously impressed...

Imogen Townley shows off transformation
14 March

© Instagram / @imogenweekender

In her before photo, Imogen can be seen rocking her old blonde hair and trademark bow on her head (she recently confessed she still has her collection of these stashed in a box under her bed on Twitter). The after photo of Imogen was taken just before she made her comeback to Ibiza Weekender this series.

Not only were fans shocked by the difference between the two pictures (it doesn't look like the same person, does it?), Imogen admitted she had been left "speechless" after comparing the two.

Alongside her photo, she said: "Wow! Even when I see pics like this I'm a little speechless! Just goes to show you can do anything you set your mind to! I've worked so hard to be confident within myself as a person.

Addressing critics of her new look, Imogen added: "People say I should be happy with who I am & to those people I say...This is the happiest I've EVER been #FeelingProud #GoMe."

Over the last year or so, Imogen has embarked on a lifestyle change, incorporating fitness and a healthy diet into her daily routine. She has since whipped herself into shape, dyed her hair a gorgeous chocolate brown hue and has undergone a boob job to boost her assets - after her weight loss significantly reduced her chest size.

Imogen Townley has breast enlargement,
26 July

© Instagram / @imogenweekender

Imogen Townley breast enlargement
30 July

© Instagram / @imogenweekender

Imogen admitted her smaller boobs had knocked her confidence and boosting them back up to a EE cup was the 'best decision she has ever made.'

She exclusively told Reveal in December last year: " I look at them and I think I love that part of my body now. It's definitely given me a confidence boost. I've struggled with my weight for many years and there's been so much negativity around it, that I am a very conscious person. So just to have that extra bit of confidence is a great help."

Imogen did face some criticism for her choice to go under the knife, but she made sure to explain her reasons for having a boob job and insisted it was 100 percent for her.

"I wasn't just getting it done for the sake of it, it's something that I have wanted to do for four years," she told us. "I knew it would make me feel better about myself, if people don't understand that, I get it, but I'm not someone who would say just go and get it done for the sake of it.

"It was all about confidence for me."

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