Ex On The Beach: Lewis Good responds to James Moore's boxing match challenge: "You're a mug"

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Warning: This article contains language and/or sexual references that younger readers are advised to avoid.

Ex On The Beach star Lewis Good has finally responded to James Moore's offer of a charity boxing match and, for the record, he is not interested.

Yesterday, James took to Twitter to reach out to Lewis and get him in the ring. James was proposing the boys (who clashed several times on the MTV dating show) go head-to-head one more time and all for a good cause.

However, Lewis isn't so keen. He's convinced James is just seeking the limelight and told his co-star: "You're the thing that goes on the end of a handle mate... it's called a f**king mug."

Lewis Good clashes with James Moore, Ex On The Beach
February 2016


Lewis Good clashes with James Moore, Ex On The Beach
February 2016


James had originally tweeted: "Thinking of doing a charity boxing [event] me fighting Lewis if he's up to the challenge??? Retweet if you want to see this!"

When Lewis hadn't got back to him on his proposition, James tweeted for a second time. He asked his followers: "Has anyone heard back from Lewis yet? Is he alive? #brickedit #fightnight."

After being accused of 'bricking it', Lewis finally had his say on the matter and he didn't hold back.

The reality star shared a short video on Twitter addressing his former co-star. He told James: "Oh my god, literally crying with laughter. I've had to wipe the tears away from my face. It's so f**king funny. Box for charity? Really? You're not boxing for charity. You're boxing for yourself mate - that's who you're doing it for.

"Now the show is over, no one gives a f**k about you, you're fading... you're doing it for a bit of a limelight. As far as I'm concerned mate, I've been there, done that and got the trophies to prove it."

Lewis then mocked James' bedroom fail on Ex On The Beach with Ashleigh Defty, adding: "The only trophy you hold is for the most counted amount of times you cannot get a f**king hard on. You're soft. Wet flannel."

He then wrapped things up by saying: "You're the thing that goes on the end of a handle mate... it's called a f**king mug. Don't drag me up into your silly little sh*t."

But if you thought that was the end of Lewis and James' clash, think again...

Ex On The Beach: James Moore and Lewis Good tweets about boxing match
15 March

© Twitter / @JimmyRobMoore/@lmg2402

James replied: "[Well] accept the challenge big boy Lew!! Have you banged a bird since the show?? #sh*tguy." He added: "Sorry no ones heard from you since the show.. No one likes you!"

Stepping in, Nancy-May Turner then tweeted: "Not true all us girls love lewis #Correction."

Yousseff then got involved, saying he'd love to see the boys having a fight, leading James to tweet: "I'd love to break his jaw."

Lewis then hit back: "Pahaha don't make me laugh."

A slew of insults then followed and Lewis ended the conversation by blocking James on Twitter. He said: "I'm tired of looking at your face give it large online all verbal diarrhea (sic)."

Although, James wasn't giving up on sorting that boxing match. He replied: "I don't need to chat sh*t over Twitter.. Get your gloves out and we'll settle it!"

Now, now boys!

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