Megan McKenna hits out at CBB's Scotty T: 'He was playing me'

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Ex On The Beach star Megan McKenna has hit out at Celebrity Big Brother winner Scotty T for 'playing her' while they were in the house together.

During the last series of CBB, Megan and Scotty had struck up a romance in the house and many fans were hopeful that their relationship would blossom on the outside.

However, things soon became confusing when it was revealed Scotty was actually seeing someone - despite telling Megan he thought he could 'love her' if things were to work out between them and constantly kissing her on camera...

CBB: Megan McKenna and Scotty T flirting.
12 January 2016.

© Channel 5

Speaking to The Daily Star recently, Megan revealed she wasn't too impressed with the Geordie Shore favourite.

"Apparently Scotty T had a girlfriend the whole time he was in the CBB house flirting with me," she said. "It's not very nice when someone is playing you."

During their time in the house, Megan had quizzed Scott on his relationship status. She told him she was 'completely single' and asked if he was too. Scott replied by telling Megan he wasn't single before appearing on the show. She then asked him if he was now he was in the house, and gesturing at her, Scott replied: "Obviously not."

However, Jeremy McConnell later revealed Scott was seeing somebody else still. He wasn't convinced Megan's realtionship with Scott would last and told Rylan Clark on CBBBOTS: "Look, I'm not one to land my mates in it, but this is the way it goes. Scotty has a girl called Francesca on the outside. He's got this girl that he's seeing and he likes."

Megan got the chance to confront Scott about having a 'showmance' with her, when she re-entered the house for a press conference task, but he insisted his feelings for her were genuine.

Scott told her: "It wasn't fake at all and I'll tell you why. I actually know her ex-boyfriend and he was a mate of mine. I never expected to have that connection with you... We started hanging out together, got closer and closer, and obviously kissed and stuff. I was like, 'Oh God.' I'm normally the lad who stands by his mates and wouldn't do that with their ex-girlfriends. But when I was living with you in the house and looking at you, I couldn't not!"

Scotty T and Francesca Toole kissing in bed
December 2015

© Instagram / @francescatoole

Scott with rumoured girlfriend Francesca Toole.

After winning CBB, Scott and Megan didn't pick up things from where they left off, but he admits he 'didn't shun her.'

He blamed the distance between them for why things never worked out: "I like Megan and she's a nice girl. She came out of Big Brother and was all over the place. She's a busy girl. And the face she lives in Essex and I'm in Newcastle..."

However, just days after leaving the house, Scott was pictured kissing his rumoured girlfriend Francesca Toole. He and the former Miss Newcastle beauty have kept us all guessing when it comes to their relationship status, with Scott recently claiming things were just 'casual' between the pair.

He insisted he is single, as it would be unfair to have a girlfriend while still starring on Geordie Shore. He did, however, admit if he was ready to take himself off the market, Francesca would be the girl for him.

Scott said: "It's not fair for me to be in a relationship because I am always away. If I want a girlfriend I want to be able to spend every day with... Once you put a brand and get into a relationship that's when things turn sour."

"Don't get me wrong, if I wasn't in this position I would be with her," he admitted. "We get on so well the way we are."

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