Jordan Davies continues to hint at Ibiza Weekender return now he's single again

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Jordan Davies has continued to hint he could be returning to Ibiza Weekender now he is single again.

Fans of the ITV2 reality show watched Jordan make an early exit from the current series, despite finally landing himself head rep. He had struggled to balance his relationship with ex-girlfriend (or should we say fiancée) Megan McKenna with working overseas, so decided to head home and focus on his romance instead.

Since his exit aired, though, Jordan has teased he could be making a comeback and yesterday was no different...

Jordan Davies, Ibiza Weekender
21 February


Deano Baily, Ibiza Weekender
21 February


Last night, Jordan tuned into Ibiza Weekender and poked fun at his co-star Deano Baily's girl troubles. Things became complicated between Deano and Ellie Young, after she accused him of still being in love with his ex Imogen Townley.

Despite trying to reassure Ellie he was only interested in her, Deano admitted Ellie's insecurities over Imogen were making him push her away. So much so, that he ended up kissing one of the female guests and appeared to call time on his relationship with Ellie.

Jordan had tweeted: "Save yourself now @DeanoWeekender book a flight home #IbizaWeekender."

Deano had replied: "Mate I'm f**cking running. I need your support. Got no brother."

Jordan had also tweeted: "Imagine me and @DeanoWeekender back next series both single... Would be dangerous #IbizaWeekender."

That's not the first time Jordan has hinted he could be making a return to the show.

He had tweeted recently: "Thanks again for all the messages tonight... I know you're all missing me on #IbizaWeekender ... Next series.. Who knows."

Jordan has also revealed he "regrets" leaving, now his relationship with Megan has broken down.

At the time of his exit, he told his team: "I've made the decision that Megan means more to me than this job, so I have to put my relationship with Megan first. This is why I've got to leave."

He added: "I've made up my mind and I know it's the right decision. As much as I love being head rep, I can't be the best head rep I want to be because I'm worried about Megan back home."

However, Megan has slammed Jordan's claims he gave up his position as head rep for her. She tweeted: "To clear this crap up! JORDAN did NOT give his DREAM job up for me," she tweeted. "He left to film another TV show! For his own career. Not mine!"

Anyone else a little confused?

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