Megan McKenna on TOWIE entrance: "I'm not one to hold back, there's a few things I want to get off my chest"

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Megan McKenna will always have her girls' backs.

Ex On The Beach star Megan starred on the special 200th episode of TOWIE on Sunday where she was caught in the middle of Courtney Green's drama with Danielle Armstrong.

Speaking in a new video, which was filmed on the day of the party, Megan said: "Chloe's been my best friend since I was two, Courtney's been my friend for a couple of years now. We're all in a girl band and we are literally the strongest group, no one can break us.

TOWIE Great Gatsby Party, London - Chloe Meadows, Megan McKenna and Courtney Green - 13 March 2016


"I have been hearing stories, the girls aren't being accepted, which I think is unfair. There's always a new girl on the block and you need to give them a chance. Courtney may have said a few silly things but she's sarcastic and I get her banter. I think people need to take it with a pinch of salt and not take it to heart.

"I'm also friends with Danni, and I've been in her position a million times, what I don't like is everyone else jumping on the bandwagon and picking on Courtney," Megan continued. "It's not nice that the girls are nervous coming to a dinner party, they shouldn't have to feel like that. At the end of the day everyone's in the same position, everyone's kind of friends, they shouldn't feel left out, we're all a group. I'm not one to hold back and there's a few things I want to get off my chest."

She added: "I will confront some of the girls tonight about it, not in a nasty way, everyone's my friends here but this bitchiness needs to stop, it's getting out of control, and at the end of the day, Courtney hasn't actually done anything with Lockie so it needs to be stopped."

Well, Megan did help the girls to clear the air. Danielle came over to Courtney to sort out their ongoing drama - and despite Chloe Sims' confusion with the "bandwagon" comment - it looks like the girls will now be civil.

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