Ex On The Beach: James Moore challenges Lewis Good to a charity boxing match

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Ex On The Beach: James Moore has challenged his co-star Lewis Good to a charity boxing match. Is he sure?

Fans of the MTV dating show will know James and Lewis didn't exactly have the best relationship on the show. In fact, they spent most of their time together separated by security as things got pretty heated between the pair on several occasions.

Now, though, James is hoping to channel that lack of love for each other and for a good cause. He wants to face Lewis in the ring and all for charity.

Lewis Good clashes with James Moore, Ex On The Beach
February 2016


Lewis Good clashes with James Moore, Ex On The Beach
February 2016


Taking to Twitter, James reached out to his former co-star and tweeted: "Thinking of doing a charity boxing [event] me fighting Lewis if he's up to the challenge??? Retweet if you want to see this!"

Brave James... very brave.

While Lewis is yet to reply, many fans told James they would love to see the boys don their gloves and throw a few punches.

One of the reality star's followers commented: "This needs to happen." While another said: "Front row tickets please."

Things certainly would get pretty heated and we've no doubt both boys would have a lot of tension to vent...

From the get go, Lewis and James never saw eye to eye. Lewis didn't like the way James spoke to the girls in the villa, slamming him for having no respect for women.

On James' arrival to the beach, he angered Lewis by telling his ex-girlfriend Olivia to "shut the f**k up." Lewis had said: "Speaking to Olivia like that, f****** hell mate, have a bit more respect. I don't like that around women, it's absolutely horrible."

That led to an explosive row between the pair that saw Lewis throw a champagne flute and a chair before security stepped in. The pair then came to blows once more, after James had enjoyed a frisky first date with Scotty T's ex Ashleigh.

Ashleigh and James had got very touchy feely on their dinner date and pictures had been sent back to Olivia and the rest of the group. She later called James out for his actions and when he snapped back at her and Helen Briggs, security had to get involved yet again as Lewis exploded.

Starting to see a pattern?

Lewis was eventually removed from the villa because of his hot-headedness. He clashed with Megan McKenna and Jordan Davies, after being sent on a date with Megan, and was removed by security after throwing a chair across the room. Viewers were told he wouldn't be coming back.

Despite his early exit, Lewis had said he "didn't regret" losing his temper. He said: "I don't regret kicking off... If I could do it again I wouldn't tone it down. A lot of people told me on Twitter that I need anger management, but [that] is not the case," he insisted. "It is that I don't want to be around malicious people."

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