Exclusive: Geordie Shore's Charlotte Crosby on Gaz Beadle: "Nothing is official... right now"

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Geordie Shore star Charlotte Crosby has insisted she and her co-star beau Gaz Beadle are still not officially an item.

They could have fooled us!

Lately, the pair have definitely been acting like a certified couple with their Twitter PDAs, re-enacting Titanic's Jack and Rose and cuddling up in bed together. But, chatting to Reveal recently Charlotte insisted she and Gary haven't yet put a label on anything.

Charlotte Crosby and Gary Beadle, Instagram
20 February

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We spoke to Charlotte ahead of the launch of her first Nostalgia swimwear range with In The Style and she gave us an update on her and Gary's complicated love life.

She told us: "I'd say we're just dating at the moment and we haven't put a label on anything. Nothing is official."

Charlotte and Gaz rekindled their romance after filming for Geordie Shore's five year special back in January. Char revealed that in the house she and Gary let their guards down, after finally being honest with each other about their feelings.

Since then, their romance has been going from strength to strength and both Charlotte and Gary have gushed "everything is different" between them this time round.

We asked Charlotte what she and Gaz mean by "different" and she explained: "We're both so busy and going in different directions so right now, it's just dating. And that's what's different about it this time."

In the past, Charlotte has been completely hooked on Gary and it's always been her who has invested more into their relationship. So much so, that it took its toll on her and Geordie Shore fans saw the starlet break down several times on the show over her heartbreak.

As you can imagine, Gary soon fell out of favour with Charlotte's mum and Char revealed in her autobiography, Me Me Me, that her mum had warned her not to go near Gary again. Charlotte wrote: "She and me dad hated him for how he was treating me. She said he was bad news so I had to promise that if I did anything with him I'd do all the ironing for a year."

Charlotte Crosby and Gary Beadle in bed together
9 March

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Now, though, it seems Gaz has finally won Charlotte's mum over. Char told us: "She really loves Gary. Obviously she felt differently when he was hurting us, but that's all in the past. And nothing is really official right now..."

So she keeps saying!

Charlotte has stressed to fans she and Gary are trying to work out what is going on between them, and to do so, they want to keep their relationship under wraps.

While we have been getting a slew of loved-up selfies from the pair, both are keeping coy on their relationship status. Addressing 'Chaz' fans on her YouTube channel recently, Charlotte explained: "Right now me and Gary just need that time where we are secretive and tell you, 'You are all being just a bit too nosey.

"I don't want to mess things up... this could be the return of Chaz... possibly. Maybe not. Just give us some time. I'm very happy."

Well, we've definitely got our fingers crossed for them.

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