Geordie Shore's Gaz Beadle and TOWIE's Tommy Mallet clash... but they're still pals

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Geordie Shore's Gaz Beadle and TOWIE star Tommy Mallet had fans totally amused as they clashed on Twitter, yesterday.

Recently, Gary has hit out at The Only Way Is Essex for being fake, and last night, he took the opportunity to criticise the show for being 'scripted' yet again, targeting Tommy while doing so.

Gaz filmed himself on Snapchat mimicking Tommy and, not surprisingly, it wasn't long before the Essex boy hit back...

Gaz Beadle impersonates Tommy Mallet on Snapchat
10 March

© Snapchat / gaz2270

Gary Beadle and Tommy Mallet clash on Twitter
10 March

© Twitter / @tommy_mallet

Using Geordie Shore's green screen, Gary impersonated Tommy fluffing his lines in an Essex accent. The Geordie lad then pretended to be a producer on TOWIE, filming himself saying: "Come on Tommy, say your lines. You know what they are and get this f**king nailed."

"You are the Mallet," he added. "Remember your lines and get this f**king nailed."

Gary channeled Tommy again and pretended to be pretty pleased with himself after 'remembering his lines'. He then became the producer again, saying: "Congratulations you remembered your lines, now f*** off and learn your lines for tomorrow."

His Snapchats soon became the talk of Twitter and they didn't go unnoticed by Tommy. Taking to Twitter himself, Tommy shared a video as he told followers: "I haven't got snap chat.. Heard @gazgshore is bullying me on there."

In his short clip, Tommy hit back at Gaz, saying: "I do love Gary from Geordie Shore man, but that leather hat. Who did you borrow that off? Moving your t-shirt down there and your fist pumps round here. Come on mate, it's a bit cold in the 'Toon for that init, get some clothes."

Gary Beadle and Tommy Mallet clash on Twitter
10 March

© Twitter / @GazGShore

Gary then shared a screenshot of how many views his Snapchats had been getting and tweeted: ". @tommy_mallet I'am going to end this once and for all! awkward my snapchat gets more views then Towie..Goodbye."

Things didn't end there, though. Obvs.

Tommy hit back with another video. He said: "Gaz I don't care how many views you're getting on Snapchat, you still fist pump in Charlotte's t-shirt. Mint mint mint. No one wants to see your belly button mate."

Gary then criticised Tommy's filming technique, as he'd held the camera pointing up to his face rather than head on, Gaz said: "I can't take you seriously when your talking to camera like this, obviously in Essex you don't know how to use technology. You hold the camera like this you f**king mug."

Tommy's reply: "Sorry Gaz, I forgot you used to work in a gadget shop... move your belly top man."

Wanting the last word, Gary then told Tommy: "I get it leather hat, belly top, you are saying the same thing over and over again. But why is your facial hair so white, no one told me you were an albino."

Now, now boys.

While they may have been going at each other, Tommy and Gaz are actually good pals and it was all just a bit of banter. Proving everything is still completely cool between the pair, Tommy tweeted: "Me & @GazGShore on Whatsapp like this [laughing emojis] see you soon my bro!!

Here's how fans reacted:

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