Ex On The Beach's Scotty T says he had sex with Olivia Walsh after show ended

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Warning: This article contains language and/or sexual references that younger readers are advised to avoid.

Scotty T has claimed he and Olivia Walsh had sex after Ex On The Beach ended.

Viewers know there was chemistry between Scotty and Olivia from the very start. They shared a romantic sunset yachting date - and they enjoyed a bit of bedroom action on the first night.

But then Scotty's attentions turned to Nancy May. And later, Lacey.

Scotty T, Ex On The Beach bonus video
16 February


Scotty T and Olivia Walsh, Ex On The Beach 4, Episode 1
18 January


Scotty and Olivia made out in episode 1.

But chatting to MTV after filming the show, Scotty has now admitted: "I'll tell you something about the show that is a bit of a secret. The whole way through I was flirting with Olivia and never really got with her, but I shagged her the day after we finished filming."

Naomi Hedman added: "I heard Scotty T and Olivia banged."


In the show, viewers saw Olivia and Scotty making out in a bubble bath in the first episode... and then some more, despite Olivia insisting she doesn't kiss on a first date.

"All of a sudden she starts playing us like a flute," said Scotty. "An hour ago Olivia wouldn't even kiss us and now she's f**king s**king us off. Well done playing the waiting game, babe."

Watch the video below to hear Scotty and the cast spill their show secrets: