Exclusive: Jake Sims on going solo: "In Stereo Kicks I felt like I was compromising myself"

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Jake Sims is preparing to show the real him on his latest EP, Long Time Coming.

The ex-Stereo Kicks star spoke to us about his new music and going solo at the Vertical Rush tower charity run for Shelter in London.

Jake Sims seen arriving at The Drury Club for Fusion Festival Wrap Party, 13th October 2015

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X Factor boyband Stereo Kicks announce debut single - 20 April 2015.

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"I'm really excited about it and I've got a lot of shows coming up", he tells Reveal. "It's very hip-hop influenced, it's predominately rap actually. I don't know how people are going to take to it but I wanted to offer something that was true to myself.

"With the band I felt that I was compromising myself a little bit, so know I'm glad that I can do what I want to do. In my songs I'm talking about myself, it's my life perspective."

But being on stage from being a group of eight to going solo doesn't faze Jake one bit: "I absolutely love it. When I'm on stage I'm completely in my element. It's my favourite thing."

Self-funding Long Time Coming, Jake reveals: "I felt as though I could do it by myself without management, so I think I want to pitch to labels. It's hard when you come off X Factor because unless you win or come second, you're kind of forgotten about and then the next year comes up."

Jake Sims takes part in the Shelter Vertical Rush at Tower 42 on March 8, 2016 in London, England.

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We spoke to Jake at Shelter's Vertical Rush event at Tower 42 in London.

While Jake "100%" rules out any possibility of Stereo Kicks reuniting - he says he's only in contact with a few of his former band members - who announced their split in July last year after releasing just one single.

"I'm not in contact with a lot of them but there's a couple. I'm still in contact with Chris, I love Chris, he's great. I can't believe I'm telling you this, I played him at Fifa two days ago and I lost 10 - 2 to him. It's the biggest loss in the world! He was Ireland and I was England, he absolutely slaughtered me. I can't live it down!

"I'm still in contact with James too, we were sending each other our stuff before it was released. Tom is amazing with songwriting so he's focusing more on that. And Reece joined a band so he's off doing that too."

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