Geordie Shore's Charlotte Crosby, Gary Beadle to have their own reality show?

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Geordie Shore stars Charlotte Crosby and Gary Beadle have been given their own reality show, according to reports.

Charlotte and Gaz together on their own show? Now this we would love to see...

Charlotte Crosby and Gary Beadle, Sydney, Australia
1 March

© Instagram / @charlottegshore

According to the Daily Mirror, the reality stars are in high demand after 'impressing' bosses at MTV. While filming Geordie Shore's five year special back in January, the chemistry between 'Chaz' was loved by producers and now it's reported they have handed the duo their very own show.

Not much is known about the show just yet, but it's been claimed the cameras will follow Charlotte and Gaz as they are 'pitted against each other' to run 'competing clubs.'

You gotta love a bit of healthy competition between a couple!

An insider told the paper: "There's a lot of flirting and a lot of drama and it's the reunion show fans will have been wanting."

"Gaz and Charlotte's relationship is back on and hotter than ever," they teased.

Charlotte Crosby and Gary Beadle, Sydney
2 March

© Instagram / @charlottegshore

News of the pair's show comes after Gary and Charlotte recently rekindled their on/off romance.

Despite a turbulent history when it comes to their relationship, Gaz and Char are now seriously given things a go after coming clean about their feelings for each other.

Charlotte explained the couple had an honest conversation about their relationship for the first time ever during the latest round of filming for Geordie Shore.

Since then, we've seen soppy Twitter PDAs between the pair, cute Valentine's Day deliveries, date nights out in Sydney and a slew of loved-up selfies and Snapchats. It definitely seems like the real deal and both Charlotte and Gary have teased it potentially could be, telling fans "everything feels different" between them this time round.

However, the pair are yet to put a label on things, as Charlotte revealed they are taking some time to enjoy their relationship privately and work out where they stand with each other.

She said: "Right now me and Gary just need that time where we are secretive and tell you, 'You are all being just a bit too nosey.' I don't want to mess this up... I'm very happy."

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