Geordie Shore's Gaz Beadle does a Justin Bieber and dyes locks silver!

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Geordie Shore's Gaz Beadle has taken inspiration for Justin Bieber and debuted his brand new silver locks.

Well, if it's good enough for Biebs...

Justin Bieber silver hair
January 2015

© Instagram / @justinbieber

Gary Beadle gets silver streaks in his hair
3 March

© Instagram / @gazgshore

Earlier this year, before he was sporting a platinum blonde bonce, Justin had experimented with his hair turning it a lilac hue before opting for a silver shade.

Now, it seems, Gaz has jumped on board and feeling daring while over in Australia, the reality star added some silver locks to his perfect quiff.

He took to Instagram to show off the results of his salon visit and told fans: "So yesterday randomly decided to get some silver put through my fringe and try something new."

Looks kinda cool, right? Although, it's far too early for Gary to be rocking the 'silver fox' tag - he is only 27!

We wonder what spurred the change, could it be his new romance with Charlotte Crosby, perhaps? Y'know new hair, new you?

Gone are Gaz's womanising single days, as he seems to be totally smitten once again.

He proved he could do the whole girlfriend thing with his ex Lillie Lexie Gregg and now, it looks like he could be ready to commit to his co-star Charlotte.

Their on/off romance has had fans hooked from the early days of Geordie Shore, but things never really worked out. Since rekindling their romance back in January, though, it seems their relationship may just now be the real deal.

Charlotte Crosby and Gary Beadle, Sydney, Australia
1 March

© Instagram / @charlottegshore

Both Charlotte and Gary have been gushing about each other since reports revealed they are dating again. We've had cute Valentine's Day deliveries, Twitter PDAs, date nights in Sydney and a whole slew of loved-up selfies.

The pair have even re-created Jack and Rose's famous Titanic pose - that's got to mean it's love, right?

Gary has promisingly said that he feels like "everything is different" this time round with Charlotte, while she has told fans she is "very happy."

The duo are yet to put a label on their relationship, however, as they are still working out what is going on between them.

Sharing an update with fans, Charlotte explained: "Right now me and Gary just need that time where we are secretive and tell you, 'You are all being just a bit too nosey.' I don't want to mess this up... I'm very happy."

Although, she did recently reveal she can only see herself having babies with Gaz...

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