Ex On The Beach's Nancy May Turner's ex-boyfriend dumped her on Valentine's Day

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Ex On The Beach's Nancy May Turner talks her worst break-up...

There's never a great time to be dumped, but Nancy's ex managed to deliver the bad news that the relationship was over on the worst possible day on the calendar!

Nancy May Turner reveals her ex dumped her the day before Valentine's - March 2016

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Chatting bad breakups to MTV Nancy revealed her former flame ended things the day before Valentine's Day. And, understandably, she was fuming...

Whilst loved up couples penned romantic notes in cards or booked fancy restaurants in the run-up to the most romantic day of the year, Nancy sat in the car with her soon-to-be ex-boyfriend and cried. Nightmare.

"He did drive to my house," she said "we were in the car for about five hours…crying. But he did have all my stuff in the boot so he was obviously thinking about it for a long time."

So why choose that day?! Well actually there was some considerate thought behind the brutal timing. Nancy's ex didn't want to end things right after a day of romance, so he got in early.

"He thought he'd dump me the night before Valentine's so we didn't have a nice happy Valentine's, and then just dump me afterwards, he thought, I'll just dump her before."

At least this harsh break-up gave Nancy some glimpse of the rocky road to come on Ex On The Beach!

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