Ex On The Beach: Is there a girl in the villa that will meet Alex Kippen's requirements?

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Ex On The Beach: Gina Barrett's ex-boyfriend Alex Kippen only cares about two things when it comes to girls - squats and Nandos.

Usually, a guy might like a girl to be funny, either a blonde or brunette, intelligent or maybe caring, but nope, not Alex. He knows exactly what his dream girl would entail and that's somebody who squats and has a love for dining out at Nandos.

For real, he really does love his chicken. So much so that his weakness is not being able to go without a Nandos for longer than a week... how is he going to cope in the villa?!

Alex Kippen, Gina Barrett's ex-boyfriend, Ex On The Beach
1 March


On tonight's episode of Ex On The Beach, Alex surprises his former flame Gina.

He and Gina previously dated for two and a half months, with Alex claiming they first slept together just two weeks into their romance, leading Gina to fall in love.

He says he found Gina 'too intense' and couldn't cope with her feelings, especially when she became 'super clingy.' Ouch.

Alex says: "I blocked her on everything, but she started messaging me from her mum's phone, her sister's phone..."

He, meanwhile, claims he is nothing but "nice and caring" when in a relationship with a girl, but does admit some of his exes would say he is a bit of a 'player' and loves the attention from ladies.

We've heard that one before...

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