Charlotte Crosby says Gaz's ex Lillie Lexie Gregg was her biggest Geordie Shore low

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Throughout all the constant Geordie Shore dramas, Charlotte Crosby says Lillie Lexie-Gregg was the low point.

After somewhat reluctantly admitting that meeting Gaz was her high point of the show, Char revealed that her low point was his sudden announcement that he was all loved-up with Lillie.

Lillie Lexie Gregg at Spectre screening, Birmingham/Charlotte Crosby in London, 2015

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During a 'Draw My Life' task for MTV, the cast reflected on their Geordie Shore experience, outlining all the holidays and talking newcomers - however Char centred her entire history around one topic of conversation only - Gaz. Well, that's probably accurate.

Illustrating their history in marker pen, Char drew two massive squiggles down the page to represent their constantly on/off relationship: "Sometimes we met in the middle, sometimes we were so far apart."

It wasn't all Chaz dominated though, as Char met and fell in love with someone else along the way - her ex-boyfriend Mitch Jenkins.

Talking about that time, she said: "There was a big separation, that was when Mitch came along. I was very happy for a little while, until I realised it just wasn't meant to be."

After a tough split for Char, her flirtatious friendship with Gaz continued inside the house - so fans were totally surprised by what happened next! The committed buck-squad member went and got an actual girlfriend, before the pair split after one year together.

Viewers saw some explosive scenes between Gaz and Charlotte as she struggled with the news.

"Me and Gary were squiggling around again until we got to this…," she drew a stick figure, "introducing Lillie. This made me sad. But I got over it because I had my best friend Holly, and together we became the c*ck capturers."

Ah, memories. And things with Gaz aren't going to badly now either...

Geordie Shore returns on 15 March 2016 on MTV at 10pm

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