Geordie Shore's Chloe Ferry says she's "one hundred percent" over Scotty T

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Chloe Ferry says she's "never getting hurt again' after putting the drama with Scotty T behind her in the new Geordie Shore series.

Chloe has confessed what we already knew - she fancied Scott from the moment she first walked (well, stumbled in super high heels) through the door and caught her first glimpse of the Celebrity Big Brother champ back in series 10. Aww!

Chloe Ferry draws her Geordie Shore history for MTV, March 2016


"I just knew I wanted to be with Scott because he made us laugh," she told MTV. And things looked promising for the pair early on, as they soon ended up in bed together.

However, while Chloe was hoping that signalled the start of a romance, committed buck-squad member Scott had other ideas, so it wasn't long before he pied Chloe off.

Chloe was left heartbroken by the realisation her and Scott wouldn't be a thing, and then she had to endure watching her co-star tash on with a load of different girls when the cast all headed to Zante in series 11.

Viewers even saw Chloe drunkenly blurt out that she loved Scott after one night out, and rather than loving life with her Geordie lot she was often seen in tears over his antics with other girls.

Chloe Ferry tells Scott Timlin she loves him on Geordie Shore preview, Episode 9, Series 11, 10 December 2015


However, Chloe revealed we won't be seeing any of that in the new series, as she's "one hundred percent over Scott", apparently. "It's taken a long time, but I feel amazing about it," she said.

In fact, Chloe added that the whole Scotty T heartache has actually taught her a lesson.

"I'm a totally different person [from the start] and I'm not ever going to get hurt again. You always learn from your mistakes, so no man will ever hurt me again."

Geordie Shore returns on 15 March 2016 on MTV at 10pm

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