Charlotte Crosby reveals Gaz Beadle's cute Valentine's Day card message

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"The best Valentine I could wish for" - Charlotte Crosby has given fans a glimpse of Gaz Beadle's cute Valentine's message!

During a tour via YouTube of her incredible sun-drenched Sydney house, Char showed off the pool and Cribs style kitchen, before getting to the really important stuff - the Valentine's gifts from Gaz perched on a side table. Duh.

Charlotte Crosby reveals Gaz Beadles cute Valentine's Day message in YouTube video, 25th February 2016

© YouTube/Charlotte Letitia Crosby

Trying (and failing) to act coy about the huge bunch of red roses and the green heart balloon that she'd been sent by her Geordie Shore co-star, Char said: "Who the hell could these be off? The green balloon, the red roses..."

After quickly flashing the open card at the screen, Char continued the tour saying: "Not for you to know." Well, they are trying to keep things "under wraps" this time round, after all.

But, that hasn't stopped us figuring out exactly what the card contained! The typed-up message (very formal) inside the card from her Geordie Shore beau read: "Charlotte, you might be on the other side of the world but your still the best Valentine I could wish for, see you soon love Gary xxx (sic)" Adorable!

Chaz's Valentine's posts were the first proper clue fans had about the rekindled romance, after Char showed off her gifts from a "mystery" man, which also included a teddy bear, and then Gaz commented on the post: "U better water them... And take that balloon everywhere... Oh and I named the teddy Sebastian."

Since then, Char has explained that Gaz put a lot of thought into her presents - there's a super cute meaning behind the green heart balloon: "I always used to put the green heart emoji because that's my favourite colour and he always used to put a blue one," she said.

Charlotte Crosby reveals Gaz Beadles cute Valentine's Day message in YouTube video, 25th February 2016

© YouTube/Charlotte Letitia Crosby

During her time in Oz, Charlotte hasn't let the distance between her and Gaz get in the way of the romance! From drawing love hearts in the sand to posting soppy tweets, it's clear she's smitten.

The famously on/off reality couple reunited once more during filming for the upcoming series of Geordie Shore. Charlotte has already told fans the big moment took place after her and Gaz had an honest conversation about how they both felt. "We let our guard down and it's crazy what happened afterwards," she said.

Gaz has hinted that things between them have changed this time round, writing on Twitter "everything feels so different this time", and Charlotte confirmed it, reasoning that perhaps they're now both more mature and ready to make a go of things.

New Geordie Shore cast-mate Chantelle Connelly revealed the two "couldn't keep their hands off each other" inside the house during filming, and we cannot wait to see a loved-up Chaz for ourselves!

Sounds like it's still going very well indeed...

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