Meet new Geordie Shore star Chantelle Connelly - "I don't take no sh*t"

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Get ready for some controversy in the house! Geordie Shore newbie Chantelle Connelly tells it like it is.

Charlotte Crosby already revealed she reckons Chantelle is "a scary character," and now in an interview with MTV the girl herself has admitted she's "very feisty, I don't take no sh*t."

The "opinionated" Newcastle lass said that she tackles issues heads on, so if she's got something to say, she'll say it to someone's face.

Chantelle Connelly has joined the cast of Geordie Shore for series 12, February 2016

© Twitter/ChantelleGShore

Rather than gush about her first impressions of the cast, Chantelle admitted she wasn't immediately taken by them...

She was first introduced to Gaz Beadle, Aaron Chalmers and Chloe Ferry and the two lads didn't get off to a great start. "I felt like banging their heads together," said Chantelle "because in the first two minutes of meeting them they were already betting on who would have us between Aaron and Scott.

"I'm not a prize at the end of the day, b*stards."

In contrast, Marnie Simpson made a good first impression on the new housemate, but after that it all went downhill! Chantelle went from thinking "'wow, she is beautiful'" to err, "a bit of a bitch after that"

Chantelle claimed: "She didn't really bond, didn't really care." Holly Hagan didn't fare any better! The new arrival called her a "bit of a diva, stuck up her own ar*e." Eek, we're now expecting a more explosive series than ever!

So did anyone at all get in her good books? Yes, actually! Chantelle said she loved Chloe to bits, and described Charlotte as "lovely, down to earth, heart of gold." Aww, that's a relief. But that doesn't mean Chantelle was besties with either of them by the end of it. She teased "in the end she became close to someone you wouldn't think."

Find out why Chloe did Chantelle's head in every single night, and why Gaz was "boring" her in the full interview below! Oh, and there's another twist...

Geordie Shore returns on 15 March 2016 on MTV at 10pm

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