Ex On The Beach: Nancy-May Turner and Scotty T are "just friends" after his bed hopping

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Nancy-May Turner has confirmed the ship has definitely sailed on a possible romance with Ex On The Beach co-star Scotty T…

It had seemed possible Nancy would take Scotty back following last night's episode, where she accepted his apology for flirting up a storm with her then sleeping with Lacey Fuller.

Nancy May Turner, Ex On The Beach 4, Episode 5
16 February


They shared a nice double date with Megan McKenna and Jordan Davies and we thought, wow, Scotty's managed to win her over again!

But then at the end of the episode, Scotty was back cosying up with Lacey. Then jumping into bed with Nancy. Who rejected him. So he jumped back in with Lacey. Make your mind up!

Well, it seems Nancy has done that for him, as she told Twitter followers last night she and Scotty are just friends and nothing more will ever happen.

Nancy did a little Q&A with fans after the show and here's what we learned.

Do she and Scotty still get on?

Has she seen Scotty since the show ended?
Yes, at press days and online filming.

How did she feel watching what Scotty said to her and Lacey?
Tbh, I laugh it off. It is a show with a clever edit. Just a bit of fun.

Would she take Scotty back?
That ship has sailed. We are friends.

Does she still like Scotty?
As a friend, yes.

Does she ever see herself with him again?
No, we are just friends. He is a great guy but not for me.

Does she regret what happened with Scotty?
No way!! It was fun and they cut out a lot. We all had so much fun.

Ex On The Beach airs Tuesdays at 10pm on MTV

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