CBB's Darren Day admits he's still smoking: 'Don't tell John Partridge!'

Published Friday, Feb 19 2016, 11:18 GMT  |  By  |  Add comment
Darren Day has admitted he hasn't quit smoking yet after taking up the habit in the Celebrity Big Brother houseā€¦ and he'd rather John Partridge didn't find out!

Well, that's probably not going to happen considering he spoke about it during an appearance on today's ITV's This Morning.

Darren Day appears on This Morning, 19 February 2016


Viewers of CBB will know there was major drama in the last series when John chose to nominate his house bestie Darren for eviction because he was worried Darren was picking up bad habits in the house, such as smoking.

"I've seen him pick-up habits that he had discarded before he came into this house, and he's using them as a coping mechanism," said John.

Speaking today, Darren admitted: "Don't tell John I'm still smoking whatever you do! I've cut down and gone onto [a cigarette with lower nicotine and tar levels]. I'm going to do this little run of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, then a have a little bit of singing work for a few days, then I have ten days off and I will stop or my kids will be on my case."

Meanwhile, on CBB actor John said he didn't regret voicing his concerns about Darren's smoking.

"I think I did myself a lot of damage but in retrospect I still think I did the right thing. I wasn't doing it for how I looked," he said. "Yes, I did myself damage by doing it but I wasn't thinking about how it would look on me, I was thinking about Darren. As much as you say I wasn't thinking about him, I was. Maybe it wasn't my right to be concerned for him or I have no place being concerned for him, but that concern me. Did I think about how it would look on me? No, because I genuinely wouldn't care."

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