TOWIE: The 10 former stars we REALLY want to return!

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TOWIE will begin filming its 18th series soon.

It had us thinking, what other former stars would we like to return, whether it's as a cameo or full time. Reveal's Lara Martin, Olivia Heath and Katie Storey share their top ten choices to make a return! (If you're listening TOWIE bosses!)

1. Lucy Mecklenburgh

TOWIE: Lucy and Joey in episode still.

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Whether she was breaking up, making up or enjoying a good time with the girls, there's was never any shortage of drama (or glam!) when Lucy Meck was in town. We were glued to her on-off relationship with Mario, her flirtations with Danny O, her wonderful friendship with Lydia and, way back, her blossoming romance with Mark Wright. Particularly because it resulted in some pretty dramatic scenes with Lauren Goodger. She was the girl we all related to, the girl we just wanted to be best friends with and give a shoulder to cry on, particularly during the whole Mario cheating storyline. Lucy started the show as a cute, perhaps naive teen, and left after series ten a confident, self-assured, powerful woman. Now she's found mega success with her Results With Lucy brand, we'd love to see her back in Essex showing everyone just how much she's grown. Oh, and she oozed mega glam every scene, keeping us hooked with her gorgeous fashion choices and ever-changing hair. LM

2. Lauren Goodger

Lauren Goodger in TOWIE.

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Why do we want Lauren Goodger to return? Hello, it's Lauren Goodger! Even four years after she left, she's still pretty much the face of the show! Lauren's still responsible for the most famous storyline of all time - her on-off relationship with then-boyfriend Mark Wright - and we'll admit, we miss her on TV! Just look how much excitement there was about her brief Essexmas cameo. Imagine if we had her every week! She's certainly changed from her early TOWIE days. Not only does she have a new bod to die for, she has a whole new attitude to life. Mark is long gone from it, she's in a happy relationship, and and now that Mark's sister Jessica has left the show, perhaps Lauren could create some new storylines with herself as the focus, not Mark? LM

3. Kirk Norcross

Kirk Norcross TOWIE


Because there's something we miss about Kirk and his hopelessness when it comes to the ladies. He's one of the few boys in Essex who really wore his heart on his sleeve and it was kind of endearing seeing him confess his love to exes Lauren Pope and Amy Childs. We LOVED that time he took Amy to the Zoo and she arrived rocking every animal print possible and Kirk's reunion with Lauren had us all hoping they would get their happy ending. It wasn't just the girls Kirk would get all soppy about, his and Joey Essex's bromance ('Jirk') was pretty hilarious. Remember when they double dated Cara Kilbey and Billi Mucklow and then pied them off – only for the girls to awkwardly confront them at Kirk's house? Well, he's older and wiser now and a daddy, so we're pretty sure Kirk would try an avoid anymore sticky run-ins. Maybe he can take the younger ones under his wing and dish out some worldly advice, instead? He's already returned to the show once before, so what's to say he won't get the itch to come back again? KS

4. Mario Falcone

TOWIE: Tommy Mallet meets up with Mario Falcone for a drink, Mario compares Chloe Lewis to a ferrari. 23/3/2015.

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He has to be Essex's smoothest operator, doesn't he? While, yes, he may have earned himself a bit of a reputation after straying away from the gorgeous Lucy Mecklenbugh (He has since said it's his biggest regret!), there's no denying Mario had us all charmed. He wasn't too shy to propose on camera, he wasn't afraid to tell his co-stars exactly what he thought of them and he often acted as the voice of reason on the show. Let's face it, our Essex faves are always in need of a shoulder to cry on! Mario's openly said his cute nephews Buzz and Buddy are making him broody, so you never know, if he was to come back, we could get to see his quest to meet his 'Mrs Right' onscreen. Plus, we reckon the competition would leave some of the other Essex boys quaking in their boots... KS

5. Ferne McCann

TOWIE: Ferne and Chloe have an awkward encounter.
8 November 2015.


We haven't even gone a series without Ferne yet, but we're already missing her blunt deliveries and her no-nonsense attitude. She'd always give it to you straight, just ask Chloe Sims, Tommy Mallet and Chloe Lewis, even if it meant putting herself right in the firing line. We really felt for Ferne after her shock split with Charlie Sims, but she came back oozing all the sass and gained a few admirers too (cough, Liam Gatsby). Ferne and her BFFs Jess and Danni gave us all the friendship goals and her killer wardrobe provided us with major inspo. Where are we going to go for our fashion fix now? After surviving the I'm A Celeb jungle, Ferne is back tougher than ever, there's nothing or nobody that could phase her (not even The G.C). AND Ferne has revealed she would love to be in love again. Potential show romance? We knew you'd be keen! KS

6. Joey Essex

Joey Essex - TOWIE - 12 June 2013


Despite leaving TOWIE in 2013, Joey remained on our TV screens entertaining us all by starring in his own Educating Joey Essex series, but we really, really miss Hoverman! Joey was an entertaining cast member during his time on the show and never failed to create moments of laughter. And yes, there was that rather epic moment when he turned into Hoverman and attempted to convince us all that he could do the impossible and walk on water. And who could forget when he and James 'Arg' Argent attempted to light their own farts! Seriously! Joey was also a walking, talking dictionary, often amusing us with the words "reem", "creepy sick" and "salty potato", including that time when he called Mario and Lucy a "pair of Capri Suns"! All fun and games aside, viewers watched Joey's on/off relationship with his ex Sam Faiers, which also turned into an engagement. Although that's all in the past now, we'd love to get an update on Joey's love life! OH

7. Elliott Wright

Elliott Wright opens up about Chloe Sims to James Lock and James Arg Argent over golf, TOWIE
19 October


He was the cousin of Jessica Wright and Elliott certainly made an impact when he burst onto our screens in 2013. He had a few dates with Sam Faiers, and was in a relationship with Chloe Sims, but it didn't last. Other than being a straight talking and smooth romantic, we also loved Elliott's bromance with James 'Lockie' Lock. We know that Lockie and Pete Wicks' bromance is currently flying the flag, but we'd love El to join the duo - it'd be like the three musketeers! El relocated back to Spain to launch his new restaurant Olivia's La Cala last year, and he is now loved up with singer Sadie Stuart. The last time we saw Elliott on our screens was during the show's Marbella special in October last year. We want him back now! OH

8. Sam Faiers

Sam Faiers leaves TOWIE for a break, finale episode of 11th series, airs 2 April 2014


Sam was a main cast member on the show with her early storylines involving Mark Wright and his on/off relationship with Lauren Goodger. Later down the line, she began dating Joey Essex, and their on/off relationship was also well documented on the show. When romance wasn't on the agenda, we saw her partying with the girls and joining sister Billie in their clothing store, Minnie's Boutique. But a lot has changed since she decided to close the door on TOWIE in 2014. Now a mother to baby Paul and loved up with boyfriend Paul Knightley, we'd love to see Sam back on screen again - especially to see super cute scenes of baby Paul and Billie's daughter Nelly! OH

9. Verity Chapman

TOWIE episode to air 15 July 2015
Verity approaches Danni - and a shocking revelation is revealed.


A controversial choice, perhaps, given she only appeared in one series. She certainly caused major explosions when she joined in series 15 last year, immediately becoming the centre of two massive storylines: her apparent flirting with Lockie (much to Danielle's annoyance) and her friendship/romance with Pete. It all got a bit messy. Well, very messy. And after Pete called her V for Vile, she kind of just disappeared from the show and we never saw her again (apart from a cameo at the Diwali party.) While some cast members are probably happy about that, there's no denying Verity was a firecracker addition to the show who brought plenty of sparks and drama to things. LM

10. Harry Derbidge

TOWIE's Harry Derbidge chats to Danielle Armstrong - 30 June 2014


Harry was just so ridiculously sweet and lovely in the very series, right? The cousin of Amy Childs, he kept us laughing, smiling, loving his outfits / costumes and pretty much wanting to have him as our little brother. He left in series three but returned briefly in series 12 when he was in a relationship with co-star Bobby Cole Norris. Mainly, he deserves his place on this list purely because he gave us one of THE BEST scenes in TOWIE history: Harry Gaga! LM