Charlotte Crosby gushes over recent nose job: "I feel so much more confident!"

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Geordie Shore star Charlotte Crosby has gushed over her recent nose job, insisting the surgery has now boosted her confidence.

Last month, Charlotte confirmed she was going under the knife to remove a bump in her nose. Following the op, she praised her surgeon for her new look and told fans she was extremely happy with the results.

Now, the 25-year-old has opened up about why she chose to have the surgery done, whether she'd consider any more and how her new nose has made feel.

Charlotte Crosby shows off nose job results
10 February

© Instagram / @charlottegshore

Speaking to Daily Mail Australia recently about her nose, Charlotte revealed: "I just love it. I feel so much more confident now."

Prior to having the work done, Charlotte had openly spoke of her desire to have a nose job. She claimed her nose used to have a noticeable bump when she turned to the side and after stepping into the limelight, Charlotte admitted she had 'grown to hate it' - even if nobody else had noticed.

Charlotte said: "When I watched myself before and I turned to the side, I felt sick because my nose looked so awful.

"No one every noticed my nose," she continued. "I never got one comment in my whole entire life saying you've got a bad nose, but I wasn't happy with it. I got it done for me.

"When I got the cast off I looked in the mirror I was like "wow, that is amazing". To think that [my nose] has just changed in three hours and I felt so much better and I was so much more confident."

After turning to cosmetic surgery once, Charlotte added that she can understand why people continue to get other things done, but she insisted she has no plans to undergo more work in the future.

"I do know what people mean about surgery being a slippery slope," she said. "I can see where people get the itch from, but they're people who are unhappy."

"There are a lot of people who are unhappy with loads of things with their body," Charlotte claimed. "There is really nothing else I would want to do."

Charlotte Crosby before and after nose surgery
11 February

© Instagram / @charlottegshore

After having her nose job, Charlotte was forced to take some time off work while it healed. She then headed straight into the Geordie Shore house to film the show's five year special, so fans were left waiting to see the finished result.

Once filming had wrapped, Char finally gave us a first look at her transformation and she told fans she was "buzzing", after finally being able to unveil her nose.

Charlotte shared before and after pictures to her Instagram to highlight the difference in her look. She said: "Now that I can finally talk about my Nose surgery I wanted to show you all a before and after! Sooooooo happy with my result, want to say a big thanks to @elitesurgical for the amazing work and brilliant care they gave me! #MrHassan works miracles."

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