Gaz Beadle fuels Charlotte Crosby romance rumours: "Everything feels so different this time..."

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Is Gaz Beadle talking about his romance with Charlotte Crosby? The Geordie Shore star told followers "everything feels so different this time..."

Ok, so Gaz could be talking about a new type of conditioner he's tried out that's left his hair silky smooth, or maybe he's finally mastered Candy Crush. But given the recent revelation that Chaz are a thing once more, we're hoping he's getting all soppy over social media.

We could soon find out, as Gary told a fan that he'd be reuniting with Charlotte when he joins her in Australia. He quickly reassured everyone that the on/off pair would be catching up, telling them, "Oh yes".

Char also took to Twitter ahead of Gary's arrival in Australia on Sunday, hinting she also couldn't wait to be reunited. Oh it's just too much!

"Sunday can you please just hurry the f*ck up!" she wrote to her followers.

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Despite the fact both Gaz and Char are leaving crypic Tweets and flirty Instagrams for all their millions of followers to see, Charlotte has insisted that this time round their romance is going to be kept private.

Speaking on the Kyle and Jackie O radio show in Australia, she said: "Nothing's official, we've just been spending time together. We're trying to keep it a bit under wraps this time, because for five years our whole relationship has been on camera. Everyone has known the ins and outs about it."

Char also admitted the pair aren't exclusive, and are still trying to figure out what they want. "It's not exclusive, as soon as we know what's happening with us we'll tell the world. But right now we don't even know."

Geordie Shore's Gary Beadle and Charlotte Crosby reminisce on their relationship over the years on MTV, 24th November 2015


Speaking for the rest of us, one eager radio host interrupted Charlotte's inconclusive chat in an attempt to get some real answers! "Charlotte," they said, "We want to know if you two are having sex at the moment or not?"

"That's very rude of you to ask," Char replied jokingly, before admitting, "We may have had sex, yes." Eek!

Char's latest update on the long-time love story of Chaz comes after she confessed to MTV that she's having "amazing sex" with a mystery man. Wonder who?

The pair have recently been fuelling rumours there's something going on between them, with Char calling their bond 'unbreakable' and Gaz hinting he was the guy showering Charlotte with gifts on Valentine's Day.

Anyone else eagerly awaiting Sunday? We're counting down!

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