How did fans react to exes Imogen Townley and Deano Baily reuniting on Ibiza Weekender?

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How did fans react to *that* Imogen Townley and Deano Bailey reunion on Ibiza Weekender?

Clue: It turns out they're pretty divided.

Ellie Young, Ibiza Weekender, Series 2, Episode 2
14 February


Imogen Townely, Ibiza Weekender, Series 2, Episode 2
14 February


Deano Baily, Ibiza Weekender, Series 2, Episode 2
14 february


In the last episode of Ibiza Weekender, Deano was left shocked to see his former flame Imogen joining the team. He admitted he could have cried seeing her again and looked a little uncomfortable when Imogen then sat down next to his new flame Ellie Young.

Ahead of her entrance, Imogen had said she was nervous of how Deano will react to having her around again, but she insisted she didn't want to be the 'bitter ex' and was on the White Isle to be 'party girl Imo' once again.

Although, Imogen's true feelings appeared to surface later on, after she found out Deano had already moved on with Ellie. Ellie came clean to Imogen, explaining she wanted to be the one to tell her co-star about her blossoming romance with Deano.

While Imogen seemed to take the news pretty well, she was later seen drunkenly asking her ex-beau Deano to stay in her room with her. Coming over all emotional, a teary-eyed Imogen asked Deano: "How can you not love me anymore?"

Imogen Townley and Deano Baily heart-to-heart, Ibiza Weekender
14 February


He told Imogen that he thinks she deserves someone better than him, before walking away from his ex out of respect for Ellie. Although, Deano was quick to fill Ellie in on his conversation with Imogen then morning after.

Not surprisingly, that didn't go down too well and Imogen was quick to tell Ellie, when confronted by her, that two weeks before she flew to Ibiza Deano had been telling her he loves her. Ouch.

While we can't call who Deano will end up falling for, Ibiza Weekender fans seemed pretty set on which girl they want him to pursue. While some are all for the holiday rep giving his romance with Imogen one more whirl, others are convinced Ellie is the right girl for him, not his ex.

Here's how they reacted to *that* love triangle unfolding:

The shock...

Imogen came over all emotional after drunkenly confessing to Deano she wanted him to stay with her.

The heartbreak...

Deano decided to walk away from his ex-girlfriend out of respect for new flame Ellie.

Those that are all for Imogen and Deano...

And those that are totally Team Ellie and Deano...

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