Ex On The Beach: Scotty T has to make a choice... Nancy-May or Lacey?

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Ex On The Beach: Scotty T is given an ultimatum in tonight's episode by Nancy-May Turner and Lacey Fuller.

Fans of the MTV dating show have seen Scotty playing Nancy and Lacey off against each other in recent episodes, but this week the girls have finally had enough and tell him he needs to pick one or the other.

But which girl will take Scott's fancy?

Nancy-May Turner, Ex On The Beach series four, MTV
16 February


Lacey Fuller, Ex On The Beach series four, MTV
16 February


Last week, Scott tried to escape the villa and jumped over a wall after Megan and Jordan pressured him to reveal who he would rather hook up with, Nancy or Lacey.

Scotty joked both, only to have Nancy throw a drink over him, leading the Geordie Shore star to loose his cool and make a run for it. Nancy was close behind, though, and after managing to calm Scott down, the pair actually ended up having sex in the penthouse.

The next morning, Nancy does admit she might have made a mistake bedding Scott so soon and the girls warn her, he could easily turn his attentions to Lacey.

Scotty T reveals he has bedded Lacey Fuller, Ex On The Beach, Episode 5
11 February


In tonight's episode, both Lacey and Nancy vow that they will never go near Scott again, if he continues to mess them both around.

Scott is sent out on a date with Nancy, and Lacey claims her and Scott are done with if he ends up in bed with her again. However, when Scott later seems more intent on locking lips with Lacey, Nancy is the one promising to steer clear of him.

We already know that Scott ends up bedding Lacey as well... So, does that mean he's now made his choice?

By the sounds of it, Nancy may have just made it for him.

Ex On The Beach continues tonight Tuesday 16 February at 10pm on MTV.

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