Wedding on the cards for Take Me Out's Beckie Finch and Adam Ryan?

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Could there be a Take Me Out wedding on the cards?

The show has had success in matching singletons together before, and over the weekend fans saw Beckie Finch reveal on ITV2 spin-off show Take Me Out: The Gossip, that she was dating and is now happily in love with Adam Ryan.

Take Me Out's Beckie and Adam on their first date.
December 2015.

© Twitter / @adamryan_

Beckie and Adam are now very loved up...

Beckie and Adam may have appeared on the same series, but they weren't initial love matches.

On Saturday's The Gossip, viewers watched Beckie's date with James at the start of the show, At first it seemed like a love match - they both got along really well and confirmed that they would like to go on a second date once getting back home, even if their night out at a club didn't go too well when James ended up flirting with two girls.

But on The Gossip's reunion show, some six weeks after the trip to Fernando's, Beckie revealed that there hadn't been a second date once they got back home. Despite texting James two days after their trip, he friendzoned their relationship.

But, Beckie revealed that she wasn't single, instead admitting that she was now in a relationship with Essex businessman Adam!

Beckie and James on Take Me Out: The Gossip.
13 February 2016.


No love match for Beckie and James.

Adam - who TOWIE fans may remember him as being Lauren Goodger's boss in the very first series back in 2010 - was initially paired with Laura Pollard a few episodes before. Despite getting on well during their date, romance wasn't blossoming for these two by night, and Adam even tried his luck with some of the other girls in Fernando's - to no avail.

When asked how long they had been dating four, Beckie revealed: "Probably about four weeks now."

Confirming that they are now boyfriend and girlfriend, Beckie told host Mark Wright how Adam made it official after just three weeks of dating.

Take Me Out: The Gossip hosts Mark and Laura.
13 February 2016.


Mark and Laura were surprised to hear the couple have already discussed marriage and kids.

Adam and Laura on Take Me Out.
16 January 2016.

© Twitter / @takemeoutuk

Viewers had previously watched Adam on a date with Laura.

"He took me to the church where my parents got married at," she said. "He wanted to do it somewhere special that was close to my heart. He rang my mum to find out the location. We feel like we've been together for ages so it doesn't matter time-wise."

When asked about marriage, she said: "Not just yet, but maybe. Yeah, I think I would [marry him]. He's going to kill me but he said to me the other day, 'Beckie Finch, I'm going to marry you.'"

Beckie revealed to Mark that she and Adam have also discussed having children and even what names they would call their kids. Sounds serious to us!

Taking to Twitter after the show, Beckie shared a collage of photos of the couple together, including at Christmas, saying: "FINALLY WE CAN TELL THE WORLD @AdamRyan_."

As for Adam, (who has an identical twin FYI), he tweeted: "I went onto a dating show called @takemeoutuk and found my soulmate @beckie_finch @ITV @itv2 #takemeoutthegossip."

Aww, how sweet!

Take Me Out host Paddy McGuinness told us in 2014: "We've had two weddings, currently four engagements and we've had two babies born from the show, so it's pretty good going. It's not too bad.

"It's still amazes me because sometimes I'll hook someone up in the studio and they off to the Isle of Fernando, and I think it's definitely going to last. But I don't see the footage of them in Fernandos until two months later when I'm doing the voiceovers, so for some I'm shocked to find out that they didn't even get along on the date! Then there's others who I think won't last, but it works. That's the beauty of it really."

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