Geordie Shore stars Holly Hagan and Kyle Christie back on good terms?

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Geordie Shore's ex-couple Holly Hagan and Kyle Christie have given fans hope that they are now back on good terms again.

After splitting for the second time last year, things had turned sour between the pair, with Holly admitting she and Kyle have gone through a period of not speaking or seeing each other.

However, the former flames were recently reunited when filming Geordie Shore's five year special and recent pictures published by MTV show the pair looking a lot happier together (and dare we say flirting) during a night out in Newcastle.

Kyle Christie attends Jeans for Genes party held at Chinawhite, London
2 September

© WENN / Lia Toby

Holly Hagan attends the Jeans For Genes party in London
2 September

© WENN / Will Alexander

Could there still be hope for a 'Hyle' reunion?

Well, Holly has admitted she is unsure what the future holds when it comes to herself and Kyle, exclusively telling Reveal recently: "We keep going round and round in circles."

Still, back together or not, it's nice to see the pair have finally ended the awkward silence between them!

Things had got a little awkward for Holly and Kyle, after their relationship hit the rocks during the cast's trip to Greece last summer. Kyle had decided he wanted to be single and split with Holly, but left her confused when he continued to flirt with her after her break up.

Naturally, that sparked huge rows between the pair and with the arguments taking their toll on the rest of the house, the rest of the group finally gave Holly and Kyle an ultimatum: One of them had to leave.

Kyle decided he would be the one to go, and as series eleven wrapped up, the reality star confirmed he wouldn't be returning to Geordie Shore for series twelve, as his family had received some bad news and he wanted to focus on them instead.

In that time, Holly and Kyle had rekindled their romance, but later revealed they had split again.

Holly Hagan and Kyle Christie get given ultimatum by co-stars, Geordie Shore
1 December


Holly Hagan breaks down as Kyle Christie leaves Geordie Shore, MTV
30 November


Things then got complicated between them, when Kyle appeared to hit out at his ex-girlfriend following his exit.

He claimed: "To Holly, the show is the most important thing on the planet. She will not give up anything for the show, it's her baby, it's her life..."

"[Holly] wasn't going to do [series 12] because of my family and personal reasons," Kyle added. "But then at the last minute she decided she needed to do it. Series twelve picks up straight from Greece, and Holly will say she's gutted I'm not there, but I don't think she was that ar*ed."

Kyle's comments hit a nerve with Holly and she told us back in December: His family is the most important thing to him and my family is the most important thing to me.

"For me to actually go back into that series was something that I had to do for my family. I don't come from a very well off background, so I need to make sure I make money so that my family can have a better life. He understood that, so his comments did shock me.

"I will always care for him, but it did upset me the things that he said."

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