Ex On The Beach: Lewis Good "doesn't regret" losing his cool and being removed from the villa

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Ex On The Beach star Lewis Good has said he doesn't regret losing his temper on the show.

Fans of Ex On The Beach will know, Lewis was removed from the villa in the show's last episode after clashing with Jordan Davies and Megan McKenna.

From his debut, Lewis had made waves due to his hot-headed nature and constant spats with Olivia Walsh's ex, James Moore, but despite his early exit, the reality star admits he wouldn't tone things down if he was to head back into the villa all over again.

Ex On The Beach: Jordan and Lewis row after Lewis' painting date with Megan
Episode 4, 9 February 2015


Speaking to The Daily Star recently, Lewis revealed: "I don't regret kicking off... If I could do it again I wouldn't tone it down."

"A lot of people told me on Twitter that I need anger management, but [that] is not the case," he insisted. "It is that I don't want to be around malicious people."

Lewis appeared to have a problem with James on the show, and called him out on several occasions for 'showing no respect' to the girls in the villa. Their feud started when James arrived on the beach and told Olivia to "shut the f*** up", and continued as he went on to pursue Ashleigh in front of his former flame.

Lewis also claimed he wasn't a fan of others on the show too (although, he didn't name names), adding: "Some of the people in there I would class to be bullies. They are not nice."

"They class what they say as banter, but if you are taking the mick about people's appearance, I see that as bullying," he explained.

Lewis' latest comments come after he made an early exit from Ex On The Beach.

He was removed from the villa, after throwing a chair during an argument with Ibiza Weekender star Jordan. Prior to their fallout, Lewis had been on a date with Jordan's then girlfriend Megan.

The pair were sent off to take part in body painting, but Megan felt Lewis crossed the line by continuously throwing paint over her, scrubbing out Jordan's initials on her painting and telling her she is the girl he can see himself marrying.

Ex On The Beach: Jordan and Lewis row after Lewis' painting date with Megan
Episode 4, 9 February 2015


Not surprisingly, his actions didn't go down too well with Jordan - even if Lewis thought he was only complimenting Megan.

It all got very heated as Jordan accused Lewis of being disrespectful and Lewis argued he wasn't.

He then told Jordan to "wind his neck in", after Jordan told Lewis not to shout at Megan and things took a turn for the worse when Lewis picked up a chair and threw it across the room. At that point, security intervened separating the boys and pinning Lewis to the floor.

Viewers were then told he had been removed from the villa.

Following the date, Lewis has said he didn't mean to cause any trouble with Megan and Jordan.

"I didn't fancy my chances with Megan because I know she's with Jordan," he claimed. "I just said a comment like you would be potential wife material. Not meaning it in a way to break them up or cause any conflict between them, just to say I think she's stunning."

He added: "I think it was over nothing. I said to [Jordan] that night you should take it as a compliment someone else thinks she's attractive and you're lucky to have her."

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