Ex On The Beach: Olivia finally tells ex-boyfriend James what she thinks of him

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Warning: This article contains spoilers that some readers may prefer to avoid. Please click here if you wish to continue.
Ex On The Beach's Olivia Walsh finally plucks up the courage to tell ex-boyfriend James exactly what she thinks of him and surpise, surprise it results in plenty of drinks being thrown...

Olivia, who lived with James during their three year relationship, has been struggling to cope with seeing her former flame every day - especially as he has been making a move (and not exactly in a subtle way) with Scotty T's ex Ashleigh Defty.

Viewers have already seen Lewis and Helen jumping to her defence after accusing James of being disrespectful towards her, and now, Olivia finally confronts him herself.

Olivia Walsh confronts ex James Moore, Ex On The Beach 4, Episode 5
11 February


She tells him: "You put me through sh*t the past year and I just think you're a pr*ck, the way you are is disgusting. No one actually fancies you... You come up to me and then you go up to Ashleigh, but you do it so blatant and in front of my face, it's disgusting."

Showing Olivia their full support, she is then flanked by her girl pals and Megan McKenna can't resist chipping in, telling James: "It's not f****** fair because you are mugging her off."

"You just wind everyone up in the villa. It's not nice. All you go on about is your biceps and your c*ck..."

Fans of the show will know James isn't exactly calm and collected when it comes to confrontation, and he soon loses his cool - especially as Olivia chucks her drink over him.

This is not going to end well...

Ex On The Beach continues Tuesday 16 February at 10pm on MTV.

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