Scotty T and the Ex On The Beach cast give their top Tinder tips

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Nail your Tinder game with advice from the experts - the cast of Ex On The Beach series four have dished out their winning advice.

It's fair to say this lot know a thing or two about the dating game, given they're all on a show that constantly reminds them of exactly who they dated and why it went wrong, then shove them in a villa together. Bliss.

MTV Ex On The Beach new lineup for series four
15 December


So who better to help navigate the brutal world of dating apps? Ok so some of the advice is questionable (we're looking at you Youssef) but read on and prepare to up your Tinder game.

Keep it local

Scotty T isn't one for long distance romance, he makes sure to minimise it! "Because if you're going to graft a bird, you want someone who's near you."

Get their number

The Celebrity Big Brother champ seemed to think this was a groundbreaking piece of advice, his "perfect trick" is essentially just asking for someone's number:

"Just say this: 'Have you got WhatsApp?' What do you need to use WhatsApp? A f*cking phone number!"

Give yourself a second chance at a first impression

Lewis Good pointed out that swiping left on someone or being outright rejected needn't signal the end: "If you run out of matches in a 30k radius – delete Tinder. Start all over again.

"Women tend to forget. So once they've forgotten you can always go back and think 'oh yeah, she was actually ok' – so I might rematch her again."

Tread carefully

Lewis put it bluntly: "Be aware of the fruit-loops."

"If you meet a girl and you take her down the pub to meet your friends, and she's literally making out with a dog on the floor…you want to run. That actually happened."

Ex On The Beach: Jordan and Lewis row after Lewis' painting date with Megan
Episode 4, 9 February 2015


Lie about your age. Er.

Youssef 'Yo Yo' Hassane had this slightly concerning piece of advice: "If you want to pull older women, first of all you've got to go onto your Facebook. Do that before you start your Tinder account, and change your age to whatever you desire. Then once you sync it to Tinder, that's what age you'll be."

Well, actually you'll still be the same age in real life, so this one could go very wrong.

Look good, but not too good.

It can be tempting to filter your snaps beyond all recognition, but it helps if your date can recognise you in person. Nancy-May Turner advised to strike the balance.

"Make sure photos aren't too edited so people can see the real you."

Find people on your level

Nancy also pointed out you should never ignore the bio: "Say that you've got good banter and you should attract some funny people."

Don't get ahead of yourself

Another gem from Youssef, who prefers people to come to him before making any real decisions: "Swipe right to everyone, then see what you get back, then pick and choose."

Go forth and take on Tinder, although from the current levels of drama maybe we shouldn't take this lots advice...

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