Ex on the Beach: Megan McKenna's most EXPLOSIVE quotes from her debut

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Megan McKenna made an explosive debut on Ex on the Beach last night and we mean EXPLOSIVE. From the second she emerged from the ocean with then-boyfriend Jordan Davies in tow, she was causing drama, sparking rows and dropping a fair few F-bombs everywhere...

Particularly in her firing line was Lacey Fuller, who had a one night stand with Jordan before he started dating Megan.

Megan McKenna, Ex On The Beach 4, Episode 4
10 February


Here's a round up of Megan's most, um, shocking quotes of the episode...

After Jordan says they are the king and queen of Ex on the Beach: "We are making sure no other motherf**kers take our title."

On Lacey: "When I saw that motherf**ker's face, I thought, f**k me, Jordan has been scraping the barrel. She's a four out of ten, mate."

On Jordan: "He gives me a f**king orgasm every night of the week. Let's get that straight, yeah."

On her temper: "I can go like a psychopath if someone pisses me off."

On her relationship: "Me and Jordan are a team. No one will break us. I may go a bit loco but that's only because I love him."

On Lacey's boobs: "They look like f**king lemons stuck on your chest, love. I have real stuff."

On the Lacey / Scotty T / Nancy love triangle: "No offence [Lacey], you're more of a one night stand sort of girl."

On Lewis flirting with her: "Don't mug my boyfriend off babe because I'll mug you off ten times worse."

On stopping rowing with Lacey: "I think she's a piece of s**t on the floor but for me and Jordan's sake and our time in the villa I will zip my lips and just get on with it."

Megan McKenna and Jordan Davies arrive for series four of Ex On The Beach, February 2016


Megan with Jordan.

Megan McKenna clashes with Lacey Fuller, Ex On The Beach 4
10 February


Megan's fiery side came out.

And what the others said about Megan:

Jordan: "When Megan goes she bloody goes. She doesn't listen. When she sees red, she just blurts, not listening to a thing I'm saying."

Lewis: "She's f**king unreal. Ten out of ten."

Jordan: "None of them are f**king good looking apart from Megan."

Olivia: "Megan is one feisty bitch."

Lacey: "I'm going to keep standing up for myself against Megan. F**k I'm in for some serious s**t..."

Gina: "I've never known anything like it. The girl is vicious!"

Jordan: "Any bird I've slept with Megan instantly hates."

Jordan: "I have not seen her mental side in ages so it sort of turned me on a little bit."