Exclusive: Made In Chelsea's Ollie Locke wants to date: "I think everyone should be looking for love"

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Made In Chelsea star Ollie Locke has revealed he is looking for love.

Last series of the E4 reality show, fans saw Ollie left a little heartbroken when his new flame Emma Walsh ended up ditching him for SW3's resident lothario Spencer Matthews. While Ollie told us he frustratingly can't be angry at Spenny, he did admit he hasn't spoken to Emma since.

But his heartache hasn't stopped him from wanting to date again, and he's revealed exactly what it would take for someone to sweep him off his feet.

Ollie Locke attends E!'s Live From The Red Carpet Golden Globes Watch Along Party, London
10 January

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Speaking exclusively to Reveal, Ollie revealed: "I don't think I'd ever be naive enough to think I wasn't ever looking for love because I think everyone should be. It's a really lovely thing to look for, so I am I suppose."

Admitting he wants to have that special someone on his arm, the reality star added: "I certainly want someone to be with. I'm not the biggest sh*gger around, I'm much more of a relationship guy and I get invited to all these wonderful things, that I am so grateful to be a part of, that sometimes I would like someone to be with me."

Pretty cute, huh?

The Chelsea boy added: "I'd like to find someone that is kind, fun and funny. Someone that laughs at my jokes for real - I really love that."

"If they laugh at my jokes, they're pretty much winning," he said. "It makes me want to be funnier. Someone that likes adventures too."

Made In Chelsea: Ollie and Binky laugh as Spencer reveals secret about Jess and Jamie. 20 October 2015.

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When it comes to dating, Ollie may joke that 'he doesn't think he's ever had a good date' (we beg to differ) and shared with us a few dating do's and don'ts that we could all keep in mind for Valentine's Day.

He told us: "Do make sure you wash. I always say go home before you have the date. Some people go straight from work and I don't really understand that, you're smelly. Just in case you end up having sex later, which sometimes might happen - who knows? - make sure you have a shower before."

"Don't get too drunk, otherwise you're in trouble," Ollie warned. "And don't get too deep. When I'm p*ssed, I get really deep. I talk about life, religion and politics - that's my drunken behaviour, I'm a hoot. I end up talking about divorce and that's not ideal. It's not an aphrodisiac."


Ollie's latest comments come as he prepares to return to our TV screens, but fronting a different TV show. While he is still appearing on MIC, fans will also see Ollie talking all things love and sex related for new panel show, The Love Fix.

The one-off show is set to air on ITV2 this weekend and Ollie has teased: "When people see it, I think they're going to love it."

We may just have to tune in!

The Love Fix airs on ITV2 this Sunday 14 February at 10pm.

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