Stephanie Davis sent Sam Reece a text after CBB accusing him of 'cashing in' (which he denies)

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Stephanie Davis has said she sent a text message to Sam Reece after she left the Celebrity Big Brother house.

The former Hollyoaks actress entered the house in a relationship with male model Sam but ended up falling in love with housemate Jeremy McConnell instead.

Stephanie Davis appears on ITV's Loose Women, 9 February 2016


Appearing on today's Loose Women, she was quizzed on whether she'd made contact with Sam after the show to officially break off their relationship or whether she felt it was implied.

She said: "I sent a text, not that night [of the finale], but the next day at some point, I don't know. I just said, you know, I said quite a lot of things. I just said it's nice to be seeing you've been making money of the back of it. Now you have your own money I don't have to pay for everything.

"Good luck with everything and I've finally met someone who really does love me for being me."

She added: "All the stuff in the papers I've seen, I knew about already, I'm not even angry. Because everything in life happens for a reason and it's led me to Jez and it is what it is."

She didn't reveal whether Sam had replied.

During the interview, the actress also accused Sam of cheating on her during their relationship, but Ruth Langsford read out a statement from Sam denying the allegations, which he previously called "hurtful."

Steph said it's "definitely over" with Sam and she's focusing on Jeremy.

Stephanie Davis gets ready for her appearance on ITV's Loose Women
9 February 2016

© Twitter / @stephdavis77

Stephanie in the dressing room ahead of her interview.

Opening night at Burger and Lobster restaurant in Manchester
Sam Reece and Stephanie Davis


Stephanie with Sam.

Meanwhile, model Sam has previously denied cashing in on Stephanie and Jeremy after some people accused him of booking personal appearances on the back of CBB. He agreed with a Twitter follower who pointed out Sam was a successful model who did PAs before the show and has appeared in campaigns for the likes of ASOS, Boohoo, Police and Paul Smith.

Sam has not given any interviews on Stephanie or Jeremy.

As for why Stephanie told the housemates she wanted to marry Sam, she said she didn't want to hurt him, claiming that Sam had hinted at it in the past. "Before I went in, obviously I had magazine stuff to do and all that. I was put on the spot. I didn't know what to say. I couldn't hurt him. He was hinting. I couldn't put him down."

He has not responded to that comment yet.

Stephanie, 22, said that Sam's reaction to the young guys in the house - Jeremy and Scotty T - was partly the reason why she declared several times that she loved Sam and wanted to marry him.

"Do you know why else I did it? Before I came in, Sam got Jez up on Twitter and said he's going in. I was like what? He said make sure you tell everyone I'm the one you're going to marry. Make sure you tell Scotty T and that lad straight away. I didn't want to do him wrong if he was watching and I wasn't saying anything."

We've contacted Sam's rep for comment.

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