CBB: Danniella Westbrook tells Stephanie she regrets arguing with her

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CBB star Danniella Westbrook has admitted she regrets arguing with Stephanie Davis.

Throughout the series, fans of the show have seen her clash with Stephanie several times.

She particularly upset the former Hollyoaks star after saying she thinks Steph will 'never work again', but now Danniella has said her lowest point from the show has been falling out with the 22-year-old.

Danniella Westbrook discusses her CBB regrets,
5 February

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She told Stephanie: "My lowest points are my arguments with you. I regret arguing with you. I stand on my word and what I say, like you do. We're both girls who stand by what we say in the heat of the moment. I think it caused a lot of animosity for other people as well and a lot of uncomfortableness for other people."

"I know my daughter would be devastated that I fell out with you because she loves you," she added.

Danniella's confession comes after Stephanie declared the former EastEnders actress is no longer her friend.

Stephanie found out Danniella had called her a "slag", after watching footage back of the housemates during CBB's awards ceremony task. Big Brother had shown footage of Danniella hitting out at Stephanie, following their row during the podium task earlier on in the series.

Danniella had thought Steph had ruined her chances at getting a message from her kids and had been seen saying: "That bird is a f**king bully. As long as she has blokes wrapped around her, she's alright. The bird is a f**king slag."

Reflecting on Danniella's comments, Stephanie had told Tiffany: "I wouldn't mind but after her history she shouldn't really call me that, do you know what I mean?"

"She is just not a friend, is she?" Stephanie said. "You don't call your friend a slag and they're never going to work again when she knows what my past has been and how much this means to me to turn it around."

But will Danniella's latest comments see the girls kiss and make up before they leave?

They join Tiffany, Scotty T, Darren Day and John Partridge in tonight's final.

Watch Danniella discussing her time in the house here.

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