Scotty T's Geordie Shore castmates predict he and Megan McKenna won't last

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Scotty T and Megan McKenna are open to making a go of their CBB romance, but Scott's Geordie Shore cast-mates reckon there's no chance it will work out.

You can always rely on the Geordie Shore lot to give an honest opinion - and in an interview with MTV they didn't exactly hold back when it came to predicting the bleak future for Scott and Megs.

Celebrity Big Brother - Megan and Scott hug. 6 January 2016.
Broadcast on Channel 5

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Aaron Chalmers revealed that to him, any chance of a lasting romance sounded totally impossible, summing it up with this bizarre sentence. "They will never ever be together as far as I have got a hole in my a**e." Such a way with words.

Marnie Simpson didn't mince her words either, accusing Scott of being "incapable of love" - ouch! Does anyone else think that's a little harsh and over-dramatic? Especially after hearing what Scott has to say about his feelings for Megan?

Now it's no secret that there's one long-time housemate who champions single life more than anyone else, so naturally Gaz Beadle thought there was "no way" Scott would (shock horror) get a girlfriend.

Geordie Shore Series 10, Episode 1, MTV
7 April


Gaz, who has claimed he was "made to be single" in the past, couldn't imagine Scott leaving the Geordie Shore lifestyle behind to settle down because he "loves being single."

Not everyone was totally resistant to the idea that Scott could've been struck by cupids bow. Chloe Ferry lent some glimmer of support to the idea that there might just be a future for the Geordie lad and Megan.

But even Chloe didn't think the relationship would be exclusive, telling the camera: "He would definitely meet girls on the side. That boy cannot just meet one girl."

Do you think Scott will surprise his cast-mates and commit to Megan?! After all, he has revealed his feelings were genuine, and insisted to Megan that it wasn't a showmance.

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