CBB's Stephanie: 'I actually love Jeremy... it's torture not seeing him'

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Stephanie Davis is finding it "torture" being away from Jeremy McConnell.

Irish model Jeremy, 25, was evicted from Celebrity Big Brother last Friday, leaving Stephanie on her lonesome in the house until tomorrow night's finale.

CBB Day 30: Stephanie misses Jeremy

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She got pretty misty-eyed yesterday as she stared at Jeremy's portrait on the wall while sighing: "I love you. I actually love you. Oh my God, I cannot spend another night away from you. It's torture. Jez, Jez… It's actual torture."

Steph then stood up and walked up to Jeremy's portrait so she could plant a kiss on it, before saying: "Ahh, Oh my God, I actually love you!"

The 22-year-old then retreated to the garden to play he loves me, he loves me not with a bunch of flowers she picked from a display.

Stephanie fell for Jeremy in the house despite being in a relationship with boyfriend Sam Reece for the past year. The love triangle has courted plenty of headlines over the past four weeks.

While Sam, 23, hasn't said anything yet, Stephanie admitted in last night's episode that she fell for Jez on night one: "I thought, 'Oh s**t, I'm in trouble'. When he first came down them stairs, I just thought, f**k this is going to be hard. Then he spoke and I thought, I'm f**ked. It was literally instant when he locked eyes with me coming down the stairs. I thought, 'oh f**k, we are definitely going to get together, aren't we?"

CBB continues tonight at 9pm on Channel 5.