CBB's Stephanie was dreaming of sex with Jeremy after Tuesday's eviction

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Stephanie Davis was planning on sex with Jeremy McConnell if she was evicted from Celebrity Big Brother on Tuesday night.

The former Hollyoaks actress had faced the public vote against Gemma Collins and Tiffany Pollard and, just before Emma Willis announced who was leaving, she told the housemates: "If I do go tonight, when you're all lying in your beds, just know I'm probably getting laid by Jez."


CBB Day 30: Stephanie at the press conference task

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Sadly for Stephanie, she wasn't evicted so she'll have to wait until Friday to see Jeremy…

On last night's episode, we also heard Stephanie admitting to Tiffany Pollard that she fell for Jeremy the moment she met him on launch night, even though she had a boyfriend, Sam Reece.

"I thought, 'Oh s**t, I'm in trouble'. When he first came down them stairs, I just thought, f**k this is going to be hard. Then he spoke and I thought, I'm f**ked. It was literally instant when he locked eyes with me coming down the stairs. I thought, 'oh f**k, we are definitely going to get together, aren't we?"

Stephanie, 22, also confessed she's worried Jeremy may have stopped liking her now he's out of the house, but Tiffany assured her that wasn't the case.

"He won't," said Tiffany. "He left you with his locket. No man is going to put his mum and brother, who are deceased, around your neck, and then leave this place if he didn't mean business with you."

CBB continues tonight at 9pm on Channel 5.