CBB: Christopher Maloney 'confirms Sam Reece cheated on Stephanie Davis?'

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Celebrity Big Brother star Christopher Maloney has claimed 'Sam Reece did cheat on Stephanie Davis'.

Last month, several reports surfaced suggesting Sam had been unfaithful to girlfriend Steph while they were dating. Sam, however, denied the allegations, urging people not to believe everything they read as it's "laughable."

Since then, Christopher has suggested Sam may not be telling the truth and has revealed Steph told him about her boyfriend 'being unfaithful' in the CBB house...

CBB: Christopher Maloney gets evicted from the house.
26 January 2016.

© Channel 5

Sam Reece shares selfie as girlfriend Stephanie Davis remains in the CBB house, 15 January 2016.

© Twitter / @SamReece

Last night (2 February), Stephanie survived eviction, meaning she has landed herself a spot in the Celebrity Big Brother final alongside Danniella Westbrook, Scotty T, Tiffany Pollard, Darren Day and John Partridge.

A source close to Christopher told Reveal the former X Factor star is "really pleased" Stephanie has made the final, after the hard time she has been getting lately.

Viewers have watched Stephanie strike up a romance with fellow housemate Jeremy McConnell on the show - despite entering the house in a relationship. After flirting with Jeremy and kissing him on camera, Stephanie admitted she needs to be single and knows her beau Sam "isn't right for her anymore."

She has since gushed about Jeremy, saying: "I came on Celebrity Big Brother and met a guy from Ireland and he was everything I wished for and more, and I ended up kissing him. But in my defence, I've always been a loyal dog and have never cheated on anyone before. I met a great guy and I'm so excited to see him. I love you Jez."

Many fans have taken to social media to criticise Stephanie for pursuing something with Jeremy while still dating Sam. However, Christopher has now said he thinks "people need to lay off her."

Opening night at Burger and Lobster restaurant in Manchester
Sam Reece and Stephanie Davis


The source added: "Steph broke down to Chris on several occasions whilst in the house, explaining she had had such a terrible time prior to going in the house, with her grandfather passing away and knowing that Sam had cheated on her last year while on holiday abroad."

"Steph had told Christopher in the house that Sam had cheated," they said. "She said she found text messages on his phone to another girl."

They claimed the text messages were sent last year, with Sam suggesting he was 'single' in them.

"Chris really thinks and knows that Steph and Jeremy really do care an awful lot about each other," they told us. "There's more to their situation than meets the eye."

CBB: Steph & Jeremy kiss in the house.
27 January 2016.

© Channel 5

Christopher isn't the only CBB star who has been showing his support for Stephanie and Jeremy, with Gemma and Megan stating they are behind the pair's relationship too.

Since leaving the CBB house, Jeremy has apologised to Sam for his relationship with Stephanie on the show, admitting he is "sorry for the way things worked out."

He has since been gushing about Stephanie on Twitter, publicly showing his support for the former Hollyoaks star. He tweeted recently: "So proud of her. She's killing it."

Sam, meanwhile, has kept quiet on the entire situation, following his withdrawal of support for Stephanie on Twitter earlier into Celebrity Big Brother airing.

He has previously said he will be speaking to Stephanie when she leaves the house at the end of this week.

However, Sam did hit back at such claims Steph had been mistreated while dating him. He liked a tweet posted by a Twitter user that read: "Sorry, but judging by Sam Reece Instagram pics of him and Steph on holidays, nights out, kissing, laughing, smiling, she didn't seem badly treated."

Since Christopher's recent claims have surfaced in the press, Sam has again encouraged fans not to take any notice. He tweeted yesterday: "Said it before I'll say it again don't believe anything you read guys."

Reveal has contacted a representative for Sam in response to Christopher's comments.

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