CBB: Tiffany Pollard's 'boyfriend' revealed to be rapper Aktion LA Jackson?

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Warning: This article contains language and/or sexual references that younger readers are advised to avoid.

Celebrity Big Brother star Tiffany Pollard is taken, according to her supposed beau and rapper Aktion LA Jackson.

Fans of the show have so far seen Tiffany flirting with Jeremy McConnell and Scotty T, snogging them both in a game of truth or dare, confessing to Darren Day she fancies him and recently admitting how much she wants to hook up with Scott.

However, it seems the US reality star may already be off the market...

Celebrity Big Brother: Tiffany Pollard in the Diary Room.
18 January 2016.

© Channel 5

The Mirror Online reports that Aktion has been asking Tiffany's management how she has been getting on in the house and he has also been seen tweeting about her too.

Since CBB kicked off Aktion has been showing his support for Tiffany and telling his 2000 odd followers to vote for her to win the show.

And referring to her recent smooches with Scotty T, he didn't seem to mind the 34-year-old having a kiss or two. Sharing a picture of himself and Tiffany together, he tweeted: "Does it look like I'm worried about a kiss or 2 or 3 or 8 or 20 or 99 or VOTE for @TiffanyPollard..I think I'm sick?"

He also told fans his plans for Tiffany when he picks her up from the airport following her stint on CBB. Aktion tweeted: "@bbuk My 2Do List with @TiffanyPollard when I pick her up from LAX: Steak, Stiff Drink and Stiff D*ck..Yep I think I have everything covered."

Tiffany recently revealed she has been sleeping with the same person for four years, but her management, however, has insisted she is single.

Although, when a tweet was sent from Tiffany's Twitter account reiterating she is single, Aktion is thought to have replied saying: "OH IS THAT RIGHT... We randomly talking uh... Uhmmm?"

His tweet has since been deleted.

CBB Day 26: Tiffany kisses Scotty at Gemma's birthday party

© Channel 5

Before entering the house, Tiffany had hinted she was 'seeing someone', but claimed she was still open to romance blossoming for her on CBB.

News of Tiffany dating Aktion comes after she was recently seen kissing Scott again. Following their smooch, Tiffany had moaned about the Geordie Shore star teasing her, before going into graphic detail about her desire to have sex with Scott in the house.

Tiffany said: "I do seek strong, hard, long penetration. I am feeling a bit deprived, you know, I don't like to take long d**k breaks. My vagina is crying out and I just really hope I get what I need in this house tonight with Scotty."

Scott, meanwhile, has ruled out any chance of himself and Tiffany hooking up - insisting he wouldn't do that out of respect for his former housemate Megan McKenna.

"I can't be riding Tiffany, no way, that would just complicate things to the maximum, wouldn't it?" He said. "It's not fair and I wouldn't do that to Megan. I'm not the type of lad to do that. It's just friendly banter."

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