TOWIE stars believe Gemma Collins knew about the task to ruin her birthday

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Did CBB's Gemma Collins know the housemates were deliberately trying to ruin her birthday?

Last night, viewers of Celebrity Big Brother saw Gemma turn 35 years old, and to celebrate, her housemates were given a secret mission to ruin her birthday. From Tiffany Pollard delivering a birthday speech all about her to Scotty T throwing Gemma's cake over the garden wall, they really pulled out all the stops.

Not once did Gemma question her new pals and while we were surprised she didn't lose it G.C style, her co-stars insist there is no fooling her...

CBB Day 26: Gemma Collins celebrates her birthday in the Big Brother house
1 February 2016

© Channel 5

Yup, Ferne McCann and Bobby Norris believe that Gemma knew all along her housemates were up to something and that's why she kept her cool.

When Scott and Stephanie drank her brandy, Gemma said she was glad they got to enjoy the taste of it. When Darren Day picked three of his songs to play for her, she said she loves to hear him sing. When John and Darren had a food fight with her birthday buffet, Gemma claimed the house had gone mad. And when Tiffany gave a birthday speech all about herself, Gemma sat and smiled.

It wasn't exactly the reaction we had been expecting, but Ferne and Bobby were not surprised.

Taking to Twitter, Bobby had told his followers: "She will defo know this is a task.. You can't fool @missgemcollins."

Ferne, meanwhile, tweeted: "Gem is clued up. She knows I reckon... @missgemcollins never misses a trick #cbb."

They weren't the only ones who thought Gemma had sussed her housemates out, as many fans shared the same view on Twitter too.

One user said: "She knows it's a task, she's not daft."

Still, even if Gemma was in the know, her housemates successfully passed their secret mission and the former TOWIE star was rewarded with a slew of gifts - including an Essex blowdry, cards from family and friends and a Shetland Pony.

However, Big Brother's generosity didn't go unnoticed and many were quick to call out the reality show for making a fuss of Gemma's birthday, but not Tiffany's.

US reality star Tiff celebrated her 34th birthday on the first night in the house, but the only gift she received was a pair of Gemma's designer shoes that she later took back.

There's no explanation for why Gemma got so many gifts, but plenty of viewers took to Twitter to question why more fuss wasn't made of Tiffany.

One fan commented: "Why didn't Tiffany get a fuss made on her birthday like Gemma did? #cbb." While another said: "#CBB #CBBUK WTF are they celebrating Gemma's Birthday when they didn't do anything for Tiffany. Preferential treatment or what!"

Tonight, Gemma faces eviction alongside Stephanie and Danniella -meaning Scott, John, Darren and Tiffany have bagged themselves a spot in Friday's live final.

CBB airs nightly on Channel 5.

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