Ibiza Weekender's newcomer David: "I think I was Jordan Davies' favourite!"

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Ibiza Weekender is welcoming three new faces this series, but newcomer David seems to think he is the favourite...

22-year-old David from Bolton headed out to the White Isle with fellow newbies Ellie and Amelia, and found himself under the rule of head rep Jordan Davies.

Yup, this time Jordan has taken over Imogen Townley's usual crown, but that seemed to work in David's favour, as he claims Jordan may have had a soft spot for him.

Ibiza Weekender newcomer David, Series 4 (DO NOT REUSE)
19 January


Why's that? David never got a single drinking ban.

Alcohol and rep responsibility often don't work out well when both are involved and the go-to rule for preventing any dramas is to slap a drinking ban on the team to ensure the guests have a time to remember.

Jordan has hinted he was quite harsh when in charge, so we can only imagine there were a few times our reps were forced to go tee-total. David, however, was the exception to the rule!

He boasted: "I didn't get one drinking ban!" Before then joking: "I think I was [Jordan's] favourite!"

So what is David's secret? He steers clear of the drama.

"I tend to stay out of the drama, but I'm kind of the voice of reason," he explains. "I tried to listen to both sides of an argument."

He added: "I did get annoyed with Imogen once, though. She came on a night out all guns blazing - that got me a bit annoyed and I said I wouldn't speak to her unless she gave me an apology."

A little spat with Imogen didn't stop him from loving every minute of his stay out in Ibiza, however. Recalling the season, David gushed: "It was absolutely amazing. I loved it!"

"It was a proper scream," he said. "It was a ball from start to finish!"

We can't wait to see how he gets on!

Ibiza Weekender returns Sunday 7 February at 9pm on ITV2.

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