CBB fans wonder why Gemma got birthday gifts but Tiffany didn't...

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Anyone else wondering why Gemma Collins was lavished with birthday presents on last night's Celebrity Big Brother but Tiffany Pollard got none at the start of the series?!

Bit peculiar, right?

CBB Day 26: Gemma Collins celebrates her birthday in the Big Brother house
1 February 2016

© Channel 5

US reality star Tiffany celebrated her 34th birthday on the first night in the house, but the only gift she appeared to get was a pair of designer shoes from Gemma (who later wanted them back!)

But it was a different story for Gemma's 35th birthday on last night's episode, where she was treated to a string of gifts from Big Brother including an Essex blow dry, an acrylic nail treatment from a professional, birthday cards from family and friends, the pink fluffy phone from the shopping task, and 15 minutes with a Shetland pony in the garden.

It should be pointed out that Gemma didn't have the greatest start to her birthday, as the hot water and appliances were switched off after Stephanie Davis broke rules regarding discussion of nomination.

She then had to endure the other housemates trying to sabotage her big day. Unknown to her, they'd been told to make it the worst birthday ever in order to win her the gifts. That meant they staged food fights, destroyed her cake, turned all the attention back to themselves, drank her brandy and made her listen to three Darren Day records!

Also, she won cocktails, party food and music for the whole house to enjoy.

There's no explanation for why Gemma got so many gifts, but plenty of viewers took to Twitter to question why more fuss wasn't made of Tiffany...