Charlotte Crosby meets her match with Dirty Grandpa: "Party til you're pregnant..."

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Charlotte Crosby treated one lucky Grandpa to a mortal night out - featuring shots, sl*t dropping and a spot of karaoke!

The Geordie Shore star got just a bit overexcited about the release of Dirty Grandpa and felt inspired to ditch Holly Hagan and co for an alternative party pal.

Charlotte Crosby in Partying with my Dirty Grandpa! YouTube video, January 2016

© YouTube/Charlotte Letitia Crosby

Grandpa Sidney proved the ultimate companion for Char as the pair hit a club and went straight in with the shots like it was second nature.

Turns out gramps was a total pro when it came to necking vodka and beat the supposedly pro party girl hands down. Who thinks it's time for a new OAP Geordie Shore cast?

Charlotte then introduced her new BFF to the art of the sl*t drop - which as you can imagine got a fairly stunned reaction. It's just not as graceful as the waltz.

Next the pair headed for a spot of karaoke - and turns out you literally haven't lived until a grandpa has rapped 'Candy Shop' into the mic.

"So seductive. I'll take you to the Candy Shop, I'll let you lick a lollipop." Pure entertainment that part, and suddenly we're inspired to take our own grandparents for a big night out.

As for spouting wise advice, that's just not what this guy is all about. Whilst Char called it a night and headed home, Gramps snapped a selfie and cried "party til you're pregnant."

Probably not a great message to live by...

Dirty Grandpa is out in cinemas Friday 26 January

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