CBB: Stephanie is reminded by Big Brother about acceptable behaviour

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Stephanie Davis has received a reminder from Big Brother about acceptable behaviour in the house.

After losing her temper last night, the former Hollyoaks actress was called to the Diary Room to be reminded about the sort of behaviour Big Brother expects from its housemates.

Stephanie replied: "I'm very sorry Big Brother, it won't happen again. I was out of order."

CBB Day 23: Stephanie speaks to Diary Room

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When asked if she felt calm enough to return to the house, Stephanie said: "Yeah, I'm just not going to speak to Danniella Westbrook because she's an absolute carrot."

The 22-year-old lost her temper after housemate Danniella Westbrook suggested she'd never work again because of her behaviour in the house. Stephanie was very upset about that, telling Danniella that it was a cruel thing to say and untrue.

Stephanie ended up going to the Diary Room and saying she wanted to go home - but first she wanted to see Jeremy McConnell, who was trying to sleep in the detox clinic.

Security were called to the house as Stephanie covered up the Diary Room camera and continued to shout. Meeting up with Jez, she told him what had happened and said she wanted to leave, so Jeremy offered to leave with her.

In the end, they both agreed to stay.

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