CBB: Does Gemma Collins fancy Jeremy? He's making her blush!

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Does Celebrity Big Brother's Gemma Collins fancy her housemate Jeremy McConnell?

It's beginning to look like it!

Jeremy may seem oh-so-smitten with Stephanie Davis, but that didn't stop him having a bit of a flirt with the former TOWIE star...

Jeremy McConnell flirts with Gemma Collins on CBB
28 January

© Channel 5

During a conversation about Gemma's eyes, she told Jeremy the pair had connected.

Gemma said: "Do you not think I have really strange eyes? My eyes change, but very few people notice it, that's why we connected there earlier. I knew you were looking me and you could see something. I knew."

Looking a little confused, Jeremy told Gem he doesn't know what's going on with her and she quipped she may have done some "magic" on him. The conversation gets weirder...

Jeremy then asked Gemma if she had put a spell on her and while she said no, she did admit she has made a few "potions" in her time. Right.

Trying to figure out why Gemma was acting differently, Jeremy then asked her: "Gemma what's wrong with you? Are you sexually frustrated? You keep looking at me and panting...."

An embarrassed Gemma then held her head in her hands and said: "Something has got to entertain me."

Gemma Collins flirts with Jeremy McConnell, CBB
28 January

© Channel 5

Gemma and Jeremy's 'moment' comes after she revealed to him she would be interested if she was single.

In a clip shown on yesterday's episode of Celebrity Big Brother's Bit On The Side, Gemma had been getting a foot rub off of Jeremy and told him, if she could, she would hook up with him.

The 34-year-old admitted: "If I was a single girl, I definitely would do it with you."

Jeremy then asked Gemma if she had a boyfriend and when she replied yes, he joked: "Let's just leave it down to the one girl in the house with a boyfriend."

Talking about Stephanie by any chance?

Throughout his time in the house, Jeremy has grown close to Stephanie, despite her having a boyfriend, Sam Reece, on the outside.

After weeks of flirting, Stephanie recently told her housemates she needed to be single, admitting 'Sam is not right for her.' Since then, she has been seen kissing Jeremy in full view of the cameras.


Watch Jeremy making Gemma blush here.

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