John Partridge has had enough of Stephanie Davis: "I can't listen to her"

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Celebrity Big Brother's John Partridge has had enough of Stephanie Davis... Or at least, her talking about her situation with Jeremy McConnell.

Sitting in the kitchen with Darren Day, Scotty T and Danniella Westbrook, John told them that he was fed up of hearing about Steph's drama.

CBB - day 22: John in the house.
27 January 2016.

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"I can't listen to Steph talk about her mess any more," he said. "I just cannot listen to it any more. I'm all cool with her, it's all good, but I can't hear it. I just can't hear it. It's so boring."

John, Scotty and Danniella then said that Steph was on the path to "self destruction".

Watch the full video here.

John's mini rant follows Wednesday night's episode where Steph burst into tears as Gillian made her confront the ongoing saga with Jeremy and what that means for her boyfriend on the outside Sam Reece.

Being in Gillian's toxic clinic seemed to give Steph some perspective as she made a surprising revelation.

Before insisting that she needed to be "single", Steph told Jeremy her intentions to end her relationship with Sam, saying: "Obviously Sam's not right for me and I need to sort it when I get out."

CBB airs nightly at 9pm on Channel 5.

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