Celebrity Big Brother's Gemma Collins: "People misinterpret me"

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Celebrity Big Brother's Gemma Collins has opened up to Gillian McKeith about her personality.

In a session with Gillian, former TOWIE star Gemma said often she is misinterpreted.

CBB - day 22 - Gemma Collins opens up to Gillian McKeith.

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"People misinterpret me because I'm assertive," began Gemma. "I'm not a control freak but if I feel that someone's not doing it as good as I would do it then I would have a meltdown, yes I do. I'm a very in control kind of person."

Gillian asked her how she can avoid having a meltdown, to which fashion designer and boutique owner Gemma said: "Listen, I am as I am Gillian, and I wouldn't be where I am and doing what I do if I didn't put pressure on myself in life to get there."

Gemma also said that people often think she is "weird".

Gemma explained: "I'm a very weird person because people don't get me. People think I'm weird but I know I'm not. I would say I'm weird and wonderful at the same time. My mind needs to be stimulated at a much higher lever than most people."

Watch the full video here.

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