CBB: Stephanie Davis and Jeremy McConnell ignore Gillian McKeith's rules

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Celebrity Big Brother's Stephanie Davis and Jeremy McConnell just can't keep away from each other...

Stephanie is under strict instructions to keep her distance from Jeremy under Gillian McKeith's rules in the new toxic clinic task.

CBB: Steph and Jeremy play around in the house.
27 January 2016.

© Channel 5

CBB: Steph and Jeremy play around in the house.
27 January 2016.

© Channel 5

Gillian chose Steph as one of the housemates after saying she was "emotionally toxic and septic to Jeremy", and advised her to spend time alone.

However, despite knowing that there will be "severe consequences", it hasn't stopped the pair from grabbing any moment to play around, have a cuddle, or throw the covers over them in bed.

We wonder what the consequence will be?

Well, after having a review of the first set of toxic clinic housemates, Gillian has since admitted Steph to the clinic once again, but this time Jeremy will join her.

She told them: "This is also a chance for the two of you to handle yourselves differently when you're in close proximity. So, please don't let me down. I don't want to feel like this is a big mistake."

On Wednesday night's episode (29 January), viewers saw Stephanie reveal to Jeremy plans to end her romance with boyfriend Sam Reece after admitting he is "not right" for her.

This comes after Steph had been confused over the nature of her friendship with Jeremy following their flirtations in the house.

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