CBB: Tiffany Pollard erupts at Stephanie Davis and Scotty T over stool sample

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Celebrity Big Brother's Tiffany Pollard has raged at her housemates following Gillian McKeith's discussion about her stool sample.

In the toxic clinic, Gillian explained that she would speak to everyone about their samples in front of the group.

CBB: Tiffany Pollard in the toxic clinic.
27 January 2016.

© Channel 5

CBB: Stephanie Davis, Scotty T in the toxic clinic.
27 January 2016.

© Channel 5

Starting with Tiffany first, she explained what her sample meant and said Tiffany is "agitated". Tiffany agreed, saying: "I'm unable to do what I want to do. I want to go and f*ck... I mean, sorry... I would like to make love, I would like to get out and eat what I want to eat."

As Tiffany continued to talk, Gillian interrupted her midway through, asking Stephanie Davis and Scotty T to concentrate as Steph was seen drawing on Scotty's leg with a highlighter.

"This is a very intense moment and you're mocking it," Gillian told them.

Steph and Scotty apologised but Tiffany said "they're mocking me," before raising her voice, shouting: "They're mocking me because y'all know that you're supposed to shut the f**k up and let me speak! But see I'm used to this behaviour."

Scotty and Steph were genuinely speechless, with Scotty saying Tiff was only reacting how she was because she had a drink.

Gillian has now picked new housemates for the toxic clinic. While Steph and Tiffany remain, they will now be joined by Jeremy McConnell and Darren Day.

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