CBB: Sam Reece to speak to Stephanie Davis or Jeremy McConnell in new phone task?

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There's a new shopping task for the housemates on Celebrity Big Brother which could prove to have a very interesting outcome...

On Bit On The Side on Wednesday night (27 January), Rylan Clark revealed that housemates would be receiving some mystery calls - and now many are calling for Stephanie Davis' boyfriend Sam Reece to make a call.

Sam Reece shares selfie as girlfriend Stephanie Davis remains in the CBB house, 15 January 2016.

© Twitter / @SamReece

Sam Reece.

"The house is going to be filled with phones and housemates are going to be tempted by some mystery callers," revealed Rylan. "These callers could be celebrities, ex housemates, ones they really want to speak to, or ones they really don't want to speak to.

"So that could include their friends or family," Rylan added.

Naturally, the panel and studio audience agreed that Sam Reece - the boyfriend of Steph - should be one of the mystery callers. But it seems everyone is not only hoping that he calls to speak to Steph, but that he speaks to Jeremy McConnell too.

Sam has already denied reports that he will be entering the house, but could he still feature on the show as part of this task?

In recent weeks, Steph and Jeremy have hit headlines due to their close bond in the house - kisses, dropping the L-bomb, cuddling in bed and never leaving each other's side - despite Steph having model boyfriend Sam on the outside.

CBB - day 23. Steph and Jeremy are picked to go to the toxic clinic.

© Channel 5

Will Sam make a mystery call to Steph and Jeremy?

Steph herself has been confused about the situation. Having instantly bonded with Jeremy in the house, she said she craved affection, but at first said they were just friends. She spoke about Sam in the house, saying her boyfriend of a year is who she intends to marry. Meanwhile, Jeremy's affections for her grew and housemates warned them both to "take a step back", although this never really transpired.

It was on Wednesday's episode that Steph made a surprising revelation, admitting that "Sam is not right for me", leaving the biggest hint that she will end their romance.

It was thought that Sam would end his relationship with Stephanie after he "withdrew public support" for her, but he said that wasn't case and would wait to speak to her on the outside.

However, following Steph's revelation on Wednesday night, Sam liked a tweet by fan which read: "Don't worry Steph, @SamReece has already dumped ya."

CBB airs nightly at 9pm on Channel 5.

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